Animals on the runway, birds in the sky

It would be very nice if we could have the possibility of some animals (even humans) invading the runway and some birds in the sky… and the possibility of a bird-strike directly in you windscreen or in your engine…



See A/FD for many of these… would be nice to have random deer, foxes, squirrels, rabbits etc. around based on the appropriate environment. More then just the specifically selected areas.

after seeing these, im not so sure.

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Occasionally it would be nice to see birds flying around.


i want pelicans flying we me in formation please,
goats eating on the taxiway grass,
a rhino pooping on the the runway,
what the heck, give me whole san diego zoo in the departure hall!

Thanks, Arch Noah Airlines Inc.


A flock of birds in your engine(s) … not nice…

ROFL. Top. “Look how the pelicans fly” :wink:

Hi all, just wanted to ask and see if there is anything in the sim regarding bird strikes. As I stated previously, I like to hop on X-Plane 11 when I am doing IFR flights and then back on MSFS for VFR flights. For the first time ever yesterday I was flying the B737 from KSNA-KSFO on X-Plane 11 as I was on the descent phase to SFO around 8000ft I saw these weird things in front of me not knowing it was birds and my guess is it is randomized and extremely rare but…

Lord and behold, I heard the thumping around my aircraft as I flew right threw it and next thing you know, I get the fire alarm system go off for engine #2, extinguished it and lost the engine of course, however I continued my flight towards SFO to come in for the landing. Was a really awesome experience to feel as weird as that might sound in a sim.

Would love to see that implemented in MSFS granted it is not a priority as there are other things that still need to be fixed that is important, but would love to see this down the road.

Any thoughts everybody?


They wouldn’t be able to offer the Flamingo Fauna as a POI (or the corresponding launch images of the Cub flying through the flock). Most times you have to meet the flock head on co-alt.

Object collision with non-player objects is probably on the list, but fall into the same category of why you can run over/decapitate ground crew, vehicles and parked a/c.

add it under the failures options.

If using MSFS for practicing emergencies… bird strike is definitely talked about in flight training.




Will do, felt like it would be a neat feature to add on. Granted like I said, it is not a priority right now and if they where to add it in, probably would be a while before it is implemented.

Please!!! Hope that they will add birds


Canadian geeses in the sky, birds around airports and eagles in thermals would be needed to improve realism


This would be nice, and got my vote, but I’m not sure what the cost would be in terms of system resources, and there are probably more important things, at least for now.

On the other hand, if this is easy, and low on the resource impact, than by all means, lets git 'r done today even!

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When I entered the RTX 3080 screenshot contest a couple months ago (and lost :smile:), I went around hunting for wildlife. Subjectively (I didn’t have developer mode turned on to tell me my FPS), I didn’t notice a performance hit. But that’s just me and my anecdotal experience.

If they ever decide to do this, I do hope Asobo would mine that information out of NOTAMs and the A/FD, as @dr34dl0ck4727 mentioned. Last thing I want is to see a coyote running out in front of me at JFK! :smiley:

@N316TS I didn’t either. Right up until there was a problem with pilot performance and I crashed. But, hey, at least I got a good pic, and the “stares at animals” achievement!!

Nice! (Not the crashing part, though! :grin: )

Would love to see some birds in the skies. A flight sim without birds is like a diving sim without fish.