Animals spawning

When i check out animals they seem to spawn in quickly then disappear, nothing like the info video. Especially with flamingos. Is it supposed to be like that?

Had the same issue also, but with the hippos in Africa.
Was flying near the spot and saw only 1 hippo.
All the sudden I saw a dozen hippos from the cockpit view, but only 1 hippo from the external view.
I went closer and closer and then I had also a dozen in the external view.
This was on the Xbox series X

The animals in MSFS PC version were visible from much further away.

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Yep it definitely doesn’t look like the way its marketed

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Probably again LOD issues, put it on the pile.
Basically many handmade 3D scenery objects have issues since SU5 with spawning (“popping in”) too late.

Check out the London Eye (the ferris wheel in London), it stands still all the time except if you get dangerously close, suddenly it is animated.

All of that hasn’t been the case before SU5, but now not only XBox but also PC is affected and don’t look like the promotional videos.


I too have gone looking for the animals, I chose two hippo spots neither of which had hippos, I looked for flamingos found nothing but I did find two black bears in one of the black bear spots… I keep randomly checking for hippos & flamingos thinking that it may have been just a daily glitch but it doesn’t appear to be