Animated Passengers Boarding, Disembarking aircraft!

Hello, I do not know if this has been mentioned out there before or not,

But I how about an additional selection in the “Ground Services” page of the ATC screen:

E.g. “Request Boarding” and “Request Disembarking”

Wow that would be a nice feature as I like to spend time on the tarmac and terminals. Using the pushback requests though has been an ordeal at some airports so I prefer they get this fixed before adding additional features but yes I would agree that we should put this on the wish list.


Dont use pushback then, use your reverse thrust of the engines. Works okay in the A320.

FS Dreamteam (devs) have a utility for another sim called “GSX”. Search the internet for videos/pictures.

I would think FS Dreamteam may be in the process of developing GSX for MSFS.

It has many features replicating rl / rw airport operations.

  • passengers embarking/disembarking (and you can visually see them doing so)
  • catering trucks
  • refuelling trucks
  • de-icing equipment
  • Marshallers
  • Jetways
  • Jetway docking systems
    and many more visual features…

ps: I am not affiliated in any way shape or form with the devs.

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This should 100% be implemented!!!

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Lol… this is illegal since the 70s…

LOL well the FAA hasnt taken away my simulator license yet. BWHAHAHAHAHA
And Im sure grinding the ground crew up with you prop is as well ill-advised, but you can start your engine and ask for pushback and watch you groundman shave with the prop of your plane.

I just use this that works really well for automatic pushback and turn.

Hi @TechyShelf77403, thanks for the post. Since there are several similar requests for this, I am going to mark this one closed. That prevents the votes from getting split between multiple topics. Would recommend going to one of the pre-existing topics on this (such as the one below) and hitting the vote button. Thanks for understanding!