Anisotropic filtering: 16x

anisotropic filtering: 16x make my run the game very low fps. When I use 8x8 is much better.

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Nvidia drivers have AF optimizations that can be enabled. My game runs smooth with 16xAF.

Anisoptropic filtering is a known Performance Hit factor - it even says so when you select it inside the sim or make changes to it. Depending on a lot of factors, 16x may be too much for your configuration?


The only place I notice the lack of Anisotropic filtering is on the runways. Can anyone tell if the stars look sharper without AF? Edit: Nope, can’t tell. The only place I see it is on the runways. Like those below are saying, AF is super cheap for compute resources.

hmm… in my experiance AF:16x should not have a realy negative effect on fps :relaxed:

But of course, what can we tell more if we get zero informations ? May be the OP plays with an old Hercules GPU or “very low fps” meaning is “100”… who knows…

@CONVEEN more informations about your system please :wink:

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AF16X should have no impact on performance. What is your resolution and GPU?

But Anisotropic filtering 16x gives the most sharp visuals in higher distance.
Eye candy and visuals > over endless FPS optimization and visual downgrading! :wink: Any software or game running with 35-45FPS is fast and fluent enough.

yes… and it have mostly zero impact on FPS on modern graphics cards, you can try it :slight_smile:

We still wait for info from OP about more details…

Just been fiddling with this setting and have been getting better results setting it off in game and at 16x in the nvidia control panel.
Neither seem to impact the performance but looks visually better via the control panel to me.

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Hmm… I would think that the application settings would override whatever the driver is set up for but if it looks better then go for it!

Realise this reply is a bit of a dredge, but anisotropic filtering has the most impact on surfaces which are more perpendicular to the camera. If you do a google image search for the term, almost all examples will be floors and ground. Would also apply to something like the walls of a corridor, but that’s obviously not an issue here.

It won’t have much (or even any?) effect on surfaces facing the camera, such as instrument panels.

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I don’t see any difference to the cockpit visuals but the scenery looks a bit better to me.

I turned AF off in game’s settings and set it too 16X in the NV CP and it looks better and performance is a bit better too. Try it and see what you get,

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So…I’ve switched from NCP 16X Anisotropic to In Game 8X (also recommnended as info in NCP). I get MUCH better performance. RTX 3060Ti (OC +150 +800) and Ryzen 5600X It’s just smoother…but maybe its caused by someting else…