[ANNOUNCED] Got Friends: Legacy Collection

Awesome for Xbox users to be able to fly these amazing freeware. $5 is well worth it!

Well worth the price :heart_eyes: now hopefully your Fokker DR1 is not far behind :grin:


that would likely require quite some work for it to be able to show up on Marketplace (you know, the whole gun thing :wink: )

GotFriends coming in clutch! Thanks so much!

Oh yeah forgot that :joy:

Now this is awesome news. Thanks GOT Friends team

This is absolutely brilliant news! I have had my eye on a few of these and a little frustrated that I couldn’t access them. The lake skipper looks absolutely brilliant fun! Thanks Got Friends - every release of yours makes me smile. The enthusiasm you have for flight is contagious!

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I have been waiting for this news for so long!!!

wow, is that the gonzo Vertigo single the PC crowd always talk about!?

This should be done with as much of the best freeware as possible, batch em’ and sell them!


Got News Announcement:
Got Friends: Legacy Collection Signed Off for Release!

The Got Friends: Legacy Collection was signed off for release. What does this mean? It means that we have passed all the testing required and that we have given Microsoft the “Green Light” to proceed with distrobution. This legacy collection will include six of our best freeware aircraft: The Savage Grravel, Savage Carbon, Vertigo, MonsterNX, MXA, and Lake Skipper. You will be able to pick those aircraft up on the in-game marketplace for the minimum allowable price of $4.99. We hope to see a release next week but this process may take an extra week or two. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready for something special!

For PC Simmers, the Legacy Collection allows you to download all six aircraft in an easy installation. If you don’t want to manage them manually through our website, we highly recommend you pick this package up in order to ease your stress during updates. That said, next week we will be releasing new “Version 1.0.0.” of each aircraft superseding their previous versions. It’s a fresh start and rightfully so as they needed to be marketplace ready. You will still be able to download each individual aircraft for free from our website if you prefer manual installation.

NOTICE: All Livery Packages for the Savage Grravel, Savage Carbon, MonsterNX, and Vertigo that have been created by the community will need to be updated in order to follow the correct Aircraft.CFG format. Microsoft had us modify each aircraft and we are pretty sure that some liveries will fully break the new upcoming versions. Once you install “Version 1.0.0.” of each aircraft or purchase them via the Marketplace, please ensure you DO NOT HAVE any community liveries for those aircraft in your Community Folder unless they have been updated to take advantage of the new fallbacks. This is why we will release the new versions for PC very soon in order for livery artists to update their packages prior to marketplace release. We sincerely apologize for this major inconvenience, but there was no other option.


Just a quick question: which of these aircraft exist IRL and which are purely fictional? Thanks!

Not really I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to remove the guns like they did with the Wildcat but perhaps still not worth the effort for GF when they have other stuff they could spend the time on.

Maybe we get it in the next legacy batch…fingers crossed.


Thanks for your question :slight_smile:

  • MXA is based on the Lisa Akoya
  • Lake Skipper is based on the FlyNano
  • MonsterMX, Savage Grravel, and Savage Carbon are based on highly modified Bush Variants of the Savage Cub and NXCub
  • Vertigo is based on Turbulence by Mike Patey using VL3 as a base.

They were some of our earliest work and many of them are solo ventures by Got Gravel and Mykrode. That said, we have fully nativized them and brought them up to today’s sim standards from their original releases. Fully reworked as a team and transitioned into the “Got Friends” ecosystem for updates and improvements.


Got Friends: Legacy Collection Released!
Now Available for Xbox Series X|S and PC

Thank you to the entire Got Gravel/Got Friends Community for all the loyal support over the last 2-Years. Getting these aircraft in-game would have not been possible if it wasn’t for your dedication to our small team. On behalf of Got Friends, we would like to thank you for an amazing journey throughout our Freeware to Payware transition!

Legacy Collection Includes:

  • Savage Grravel
  • Savage Carbon
  • MonsterNX Cub
  • Vertigo
  • Experimental MXA
  • Lake Skipper

Cheers everyone! We are working hard as always to bring you more great additions to Microsoft Flight Simulator!


Bought it and downloading now!
Love what you do!
Please more helis in the future, the little 500 is fantastic!

Just got the bundle, LETS GO!!!

This bundle is awesome :heart_eyes: im loving all 6 aircraft so far, thanks gotfriends :grin:

Is it too much to ask that your 40th anniversary upgrade package could also made be available to the marketplace for 4.99 ? :grin:


Agree! All aircraft is great to fly and play around with! Great buy!

For the small sim of £4 you get 6 really fun aircraft. It’s worth it for the Lake Skipper alone.

I’m on PC so didn’t need to buy it but GotFriends do some great work so wanted to show my support.

Hope this also means they continue to get updated.

I’m currently having a mod free month as well to see if the sim stability improves so less faffing with the community folder is a bonus.

My only concern would be if the below two bugs still exist with the MXA, need to confirm as it’s been a while:

  1. Unable to raise landing gear once in the water.
  2. MFDs randomly powering off requiring a restart.

EDIT: Just tested and the issue was with raising the landing gear once in the water and that still exists. Lowering the gear after landing in water and moving to ground works without issue.

MFD bug is exist on XBox