[Announcement] AzurPoly OV-10 Bronco in development

I’ll wait the release on Orbx.

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…and of course the market place will be the ‘weaponless’ version …so it’s Orbx for me to!


They offer a free add-on to include the weapons for Marketplace buyers. The add-on is already available:



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Right on!!

I’ve already got Azurpoly’s weapons loadout mod pre-installed!

The afternoon can’t come soon enough!


Releasing on friday now, another day of waiting

already past midnight here, so I guess its friday now lol … but my guess is same time now friday 2-5pm PDT

How in earth do you come to that conclusion…that it releases today, when they clearly said tomorrow.

Edit …gotcha
hosed by MS…again


Deleted my previous, just noticed the text saying that the marketplace update will be delayed by a day this week!

I kinda figured it wasn’t happening today as soon as they posted that they were confident in it releasing to the marketplace today.

Yup, my own fault, I skipped straight down to the normal bit and didn’t read the rest of the post


Out right now …


As a Californian, who has lived through a myriad of wildfire seasons, I love the CalFire livery.

I’ve seen the tactical command Broncos flying circles over a fire zone at different altitudes reporting to the ground crews below. It is an awe inspiring system of coordination to witness.

I would love to see a CA Wildfire DLC “expansion” for 2024 that builds on this all-so-important job role that aircraft have here in my home state.


Flying the Bronco…is SO MUCH FUN…
Well done Azurpoly…

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It’s totally great!

(but, man, does it ever need the Headphone Simulation ON!)

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Well that’s a pleasant surprise; immediately downloaded it! I’ve always loved the unique Bronco, ever since the days of the old Aerosoft Bronco for FSX.

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Great aircraft but it’s missing sound in multiplayer

Only available on Marketplace :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, but they do offer a weapons pack on their website. :slightly_smiling_face:

Per Azurpoly on Facebook…

So if you like Marketplace, go for it and give us impressions! You can get the pack to enable weapons off Azurpoly’s website.

But sounds like third-party stores will follow pretty quickly if you don’t mind a little more wait. I’m grabbing the Horton today and I’ll get the Bronco when it releases elsewhere.