[Announcement] AzurPoly OV-10 Bronco in development

For me the biggest reason I like 3rd party purchases is because I haven’t figured out how to reliably use Addons_Linker to let me only load aircraft I have in my Linker folder. Supposedly, you can link items in the ‘Official’ folder, but I have yet to make that work. Without a link, you can’t delete (or move) ‘Official’ planes, as the sim will notice they’re missing, and force you to download them again.

Then again, some 3rd party installers force their way into the ‘Official’ folder.

Give me a ZIP file, and let me put the darn thing where I want it. I know how to keep up with updates myself.


yes :smile:

“We also had access to a flying Bronco from which we were able to gather everything we needed for the development, from pictures to sound recordings.”

Love stuff like this.

Azurpoly are quickly falling in to the same category as Got Friends where I just end up buying all their stuff anyway.



Just because you said that they are great I had to look up what aircraft they have made and it turns out they have made the fouga and bede and I have them both and LOVE THEM!!

I was already going to buy this plane but now I REALLY gotta buy it!

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They also made the very good Transall Addon.

The Fouga Magistere is always in my ‘Top 10’ list.
I’ll be buying the OV-10, for sure.

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Bought the AzurPoly OV-10 and flew it on my stream last night. What a blast! In terms of how it handles, it’s very solid. Zippy down low, good roll rate, climbs very well. Did some STOL work and even though I didn’t have beta/reverse mapped yet, was able to get it stopped in 400’.

The options are fun - love the glass clamshell, liveries are amazing (thank you so much for the CAL FIRE version - very near and dear to me). EFB is useful*. Cockpit visibility is superb (which is literally the point of the aircraft).

As far as challenges: Wow, I need to practice my landing technique with this bird. First off, the visual is a lot different than most planes in that the panel and glareshield are way below the horizon at level attitude. For most regimes of flight, this was easy to get used to. But for landing, you constantly feel like your nose is too far down, and you’re pulling back to get the horizon closer to the glareshield reference like you would in other aircraft. Advice: don’t do this, because…

When this puppy stalls, she is DONE flying. You get the stick shaker and about one more knot and she turns into a brick with a massive, instant right wing drop. So back to landing technique - because the strange visual reference, I found myself struggling to land - usually with a slight float (an indication of too much speed), which then suddenly turns into a stall with an instant wing drop, 5’ off the runway. I’ll reiterate that this is likely all on me - I just need to find the sweet spot of speed, attitude, and power, but it’s taking me longer to get used to than most new planes. My advice: when you hear the stick shaker, do your stall recovery technique IMMEDIATELY, or you’re at minimum into an incipient spin. You don’t get much buffer at all. I have no perspective as to how accurate that is, so I’m going with “the model is right, I just was horrible.”

*The only gripe that wasn’t my fault is when the EFB is in the lower-right cockpit position, trying to press the tabs caused me to click through to the fuel cutoff switches behind it. This was reproducible. Got to practice an engine-out, though, and I can report that while she performs well on a single engine, holy moly did I need a lot of rudder!

I’d like to see a civilian/GA conversion livery (I haven’t checked, but I’m sure there will be/are already some livery mods). For a stretch goal, I’d love to see an interior that’s been done up as a camper/van life type thing, Or a medivac. It seems it would be great for some mission-based interiors.

Overall, fantastic addition, highly highly recommend. This will have a solid replay factor, providing a lot of fun to come! AzurPoly has shown that they can consistently put out quality product and is definitely in the top tier of devs. Can’t wait to see more from them!


I, wholeheartedly, agree with this.

BTW, what was your approach speed? I used 100 knots, because it just felt right (turns out this is what the manual states) and I found landing a breeze — even in the windy, pending storm conditions yesterday at KPRB.


I think final was 100 but I was probably closer to 90 over the fence. But I still think the problem is there’s no “Lindbergh reference” like I’m used to, so I’m getting disoriented when transitioning vision during the flare. Just need a lot more practice! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anybody using spad.next for input with this plane? I’m having a lot of trouble getting it to recognize my throttle axis input using the standard spad throttle or throttle/ex1 axis variants; it seems like the engine responds to input for a second but immediately reverts to idle, and the in-cockpit levers never move, nor does the calibration widget seem to reflect their positions.

The condition lever positions, if I try to set up a custom axis according to the vars listed in the manual, are reflected in the calibration widget but don’t affect the in-cockpit lever and don’t appear to have any effect on the plane.

Am I doing something wrong or does this plane do something unusual with the axis that requires special attention for SimConnect input tools?

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I use Spad but for some reason this plane is not very friendly with Spad.
For the Condition levers I just mapped condition axis 1 and 2 in MSFS, those work fine and you can calibrate the axis on the EFB.
For the throttles I’m also using default MSFS mappings, just throttle axis 1 and 2 and the rest on the EFB, I’m using my TCA throttles with the Bronco, reverse works fine and I put the ground idle detent just in the begining of reverse so I can have the rest of the axis to handle flight idle to max.


Hehe ok it’s not just me then, thanks! :wink: I’ll do a one-off config of those levers through MSFS, just means some manual switching. :smiley:

[confirmed that works for me]

Yep :+1:

10 chrs

Yeah, it didn’t like mine, either. I had to configure it directly to throttle axis in the sim. Which I’ll definitely forget I did when I fly my next flight.

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Thinking of getting this. Is it only available via the marketplace?

Search is your friend. :slight_smile: From the day before yesterday…

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Cool, I’ll wait and get it from a third party store. Faster updates and all that.

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Probably not faster updates, as Azurpoly generally waits until Marketplace releases his updates and then has the third-party stores release the updates, so that everyone’s on the same version. But you won’t have to deal with unencrypted files, you can easily use an Addons Linker, and no bothering with a w**p*ns pack, so still some advantages to non-Marketplace sellers.


I think thats definitely the biggest advantage.

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This is one of the rare addons I am willing to pay for twice. Once through the Marketplace to support MSFS development an link it to my account so I don’t have to remember which store I bought it from (as weapons visibility isn’t too critical for me with this military airframe), and once through the other stores so I don’t have to wait for critical updates when it is broken by an MSFS update.

After any periodic reinstallations of MSFS, this is the only addon I need for any “GA” type flying pending the full reinstallation recovery of my other addons.