[Announcement BlueMesh] An Autogyro for MSFS

Hello dear simmers, today we present our latest project for Microsoft Flight Simulator, an Autogyre ( Ela Eclipse base model, with some modificationsl)! This one is almost finished concerning the 3D (90%) and we will soon start the test phase for the flight model.

3D: The mesh is based on industrial CAD data provided by GyroDesign

Textures: All textures are of good quality with a complete PBR palette including Ambient Occlusion in Multiply on the Albedo to mark more extensively the angles and hollows. A Substance Painter paint kit will be provided on FlightSim.to.

Flight Model: Flight testing has just started, we hope to have it finished by the end of the month for the launch of MSFS on Xbox!

Systems and display: Most of the dashboard elements including the tablet and EMSIS are almost finished and will be properly usable in the release

Community Preference: We are looking to see if you would like to have an amphibious and ski version for the autogyro, let us know in the comments if you are interested. A safari version with onboard camera is planned.

Still in progress:

Some liveries, we have to change the seats color too:



Looks great.
Yes to both :slight_smile:

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Yes!! Definetly, would love an autogyro with skies and floats too!

However, i think for this kind of aircraft the aerodynamics are very important, and not sure if MSFS allows for an autogyro flight model?

If done to a realistic standard flying an autogyro is challenging and rewarding, although i wounder how MSFS will do with the stall characteristics

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Hello, yes it is possible and that’s validated by microsoft :slight_smile: .
Thank you for your feedback about amphibious and ski version.


Yes to both as well.
This is like having an ICONA5 with rotor blades


Looks like an absolute blast to fly, especially if you can nail the flight model. Keep us updated with development! The more variations the better as far as I am concerned.

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Amazing, high quality model. Congratulations. I would have a request for a normal, traditional instrumental version in the cockpit. I don’t like digital displays.

Will the model be available with traditional, normal instruments?



Hello there is both :slight_smile:


I am very happy. Thanks! Seeing the pictures, you are working in very high quality. The Gyrocopter will be amazing.

Buyers only high quality models. I love Carenado quality. Are you planning to build high quality classic helicopter (Hughes 500D, Bell206JetRanger, AS350 Ecureuil) models?

Thanks to: Zoltán

Looks great.
Very interested.

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FANTASTIC! and about time…the only descent flight sim gyro was the Sling 2 which was FSX with it ported over to P3D.

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If the flight model is on point count me in.

I had an experience flight in an auto gyro a couple of years ago and they certainly have quite a distinctive flying style, a lot of fun too.


Beautiful autogyro
Some more photos of the development process


Bonjour, je voudrais savoir a partir de quand il sera disponible et a quel endroit nous pourrons le télécharger et enfin avez une ordre de prix.

PS: superbe autogire , félicitation pour votre travail , je ne pilote que çà sur xp11, amicalement et merci

It looks amazing.

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Bonjour, une date de sortie ainsi que le prix sera communiqué durant cet été, il y a eu des contre temps sur la sortie plannifiée :slight_smile:

Sometimes good things take a little longer.

Parfois, les bonnes choses prennent un peu plus de temps. Laissez les bons moments rouler, finalement.

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No problem and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

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