[ANNOUNCEMENT] CYOW Ottawa International Airport | Roman Design

I am excited to announce CYOW Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport for MSFS. The scenery is in the advanced stage of production and should be available for release in late April or May this year.
It will be released on Roman Design website https://flightsimulation.romandesign.ca with a MSFS Marketplace release to follow soon after that.

Notable Features:

  • More than 30 meticulously 3D hand-modeled buildings, with more coming soon in free updates
  • Custom-made high-resolution PBR materials
  • Gorgeous night lighting
  • Main terminal and ATC Tower with interior modeling
  • 5 large open hangars with animated doors, interior modeling and available MSFS starts inside
  • Parallax effect windows on most secondary buildings
  • National Research Council Canada - Aerospace facilities, including a wind tunnel complex
  • Ground markings, gates, taxiways etc. reworked to be as close to real life and charts as possible in MSFS
  • Hundreds of 3D objects placed throughout the airport, gates and hangars to make it as real as it gets

Here are some screenshots of the CYOW in development. Please note that these are “Work in Progress”, so the buildings and the environment around them depicted here are not finals and are constantly changing and improving.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome at the CYOW topic

Terminal building with interior modeling

Car Parking building

ATC Tower with interior modeling and animated radar

Hangars with animated doors and interior modeling (interior 3D objects and clutter will be added before release)

Various buildings in high detail 3D modeling and custom PBR materials

National Research Council Canada - Aerospace facilities, wind tunnel complex

Firehall and training facilities

Hilton and Marriott hotels with parallax 3D interiors