[ANNOUNCEMENT] FlightSim Studio Embraer 175

I hope you are right. I’m not following their discord close I hope they have learned their way into the E-jets because back in their initial revelation stream they were really nowhere near where they should be. I remember they said VNAV was not done because it wasn’t used in the real plane. I hope they learned but so far from what I can see in the product there is no indication at all that they are on the right track, I only see default systems mixed with really bad custom built things. Sorry to be blunt but I’m not sure they have the right goal and if they have I’m not sure they have the right skills to reach it.

Having said that to be surprised in about 1 or 2 years with a modern-looking and well behaved E190 in MSFS would be a dream for me so I will keep my fingers crossed but I’m not drinking the cool-aid just yet.

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What concerns me, I think, is their willingness to release something that is really broken.

If I were on that team, I would put brakes on a release like that faster than anyone can blink. If it’s not done, it’s not done - don’t release broken stuff.

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Are you 100% sure? You’ve bought a lot of known junk, especially in the early days of MSFS :laughing:

Just kidding, your service to the community has always been very much appreciated!


I was much more of a masochist in those days. :wink: But the junk has been permanently removed from my sim. You won’t find anything by MScenery or Captain Sim or Virtualcol in there anymore… Or Bredok3D. Speaking of them… I think they stopped putting out aircraft. Thankfully. :wink:

Yeah. some of our conversations were interesting regarding some of these planes.
Glad to hear you’re still here and flying

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honestly from what I’ve seen while looking at the X-Crafts E-jets the last couple days (trying to decide between the two of these planes) their textures look better at this point to me. There are some significant differences between what FSS have in their flight deck and what X-Crafts have. I’m not sure if they’ve made improvements or what since they sold their model to FSS.

Can anyone share their map/bindings for reverse thrust using the honeycomb bravo? Im at a loss.
I have my THROTTLE 1 on R-Axis Z and THROTTLE 2 an R Axis Y. I have throttle 1 decrease with joystick button 26 and throttle 2 decrease is joystick button 27.
This is driving me crazy.

I do have to say that I am enjoying this plane.


Yes, it is very nice to fly. I love it and the information and updates they put out .

Is no one having issues with AP when it comes to climbs and descents and maintaining assigned altitude?

In short, no, not having those issues. My crusing altitude is rock solid. Are you controlling your own speed as you need to do here? There is no managed speed modes yet. What are you specifying as a climb, cruising, and descent speed? Are you using Simbrief numbers? Is your plane too heavy? If your speeds are too high or too low or your balance is off you can porpoise around a set altitude. I’ve heard people having issues on all planes if you’re accelerating time that way too…

OK… I do utilize the autothrottle. I do set a target airspeed via a dial on the panel, so I expect it to maintain that. After that, the pitch should be controlled in the IAS mode, which has not been working well. I also used the Custom AT setting, so perhaps turning that off would provide a better result. I don’t do sim rate changes, so that’s definitely not a factor.

I wish weight and balance were on the EFB as opposed to controlling them via the standard sim way (the way the default aircraft works)… All respectable payware jets come with a way to manage your load via the EFB.

I haven’t gotten around to figuring out the AP, the few times I flew, it was all by hand

Haven’t had any of those issues so far, only three flights in though. I climb in FLCH modes and descend in VS mode without issues. AP holds the cruise altitude without issue.

I guess I am gonna try one more flight sometime tonight after work. Will use FLCH and see how well it plays.

Nope. Doing pretty well actually. Just as good as most of my other airliners. Flight level change is the way to go but I often do VS on a climb and adjust as needed.

OK, maybe this was some kind of a flaky flight for whatever reason. I will give it another spin.

Yes, FLCH is the way to go for takeoff, and I use VS on descent or FLCH between waypoints (based on SImbrief suggested altitudes).

As for wt balance, I could care less whether that’s through EFB, FMS, or default sim interface. All are sim accomodations and none “realistic,” so whatever…

Yes, early days of MSFS, Bredok did airports. They weren’t very good. Then he did aircraft. People complained about those. So he then started the whole livery bundle packages that are now fashionable with many developers. When others started getting into that market, he then started bundling livery and sound packages. A few others have followed suite since then.

All in all, I will give him credit. When he produced contant people didn’t like, he then went on to find new content types. He actually has led the way, and made things better for XBox and liveries. I don’t put him in the same context as some of those you listed. I generally think he wants to produce things that people like.

Either that or… he is just not very good at any of them. :wink: