[ANNOUNCEMENT] FlightSim Studio Embraer 175

Pretty much my thoughts and experience too, decent now and will likely get better. Working fine on DX12 here too.


Bought the plane, it hand flies great actually, but the autopilot goes absolutely bonkers even in basic HDG/ALT hold outside of a flight plan.
I don’t know maybe it’s having compatibility issues with my WT addons or HJET…no idea.
Landings feel a little too featherweight and floaty as well, seems to take too much to get the plane to slow down. System performance is pretty decent (VR), cockpit lighting looks terrible at night around bright terminal lights and you pretty much need Ambient Occlusion on Ultra for the cockpit textures to look decent. Or else it’s not too far off from Vritualcol interior quality visuals.
My biggest gripe is the autopilot behavior…weird wild pitch adjustments and the plane finally tries to nose up too high and stall you for no reason.

Try what I did… Use FLCH for climb and descent. Set desired speed on AT. I just completed another flight to Gibraltar and since that one is a visual approach, it required quite a bit of hand flying. It hand flies REALLY well. Not twitchy, very stable. Throttle responds well when in manual mode as well. AT maintains speed really well too. I find that if you venture too far outside of following LNAV and using FLCH, you are asking for trouble. I haven’t really tried flying in HDG mode and haven’t used VS mode yet either. Perhaps the next flight. I will report my findings here.

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By the way, I am not sure whether this is correct behaviour or not, but when you are in FLCH mode and using AT, if you adjust speed up or down, the aircraft will adapt to that and not keep to the current speed. I was under the impression that the whole point of FLCH was to take the current airspeed and maintain it… which it does, as long as you don’t adjust the AT speed. That MAY be what the behaviour is intended to be - AT overrides the airspeed initially set at activation of the FLCH mode, but I am not sure. E-Jets are a new thing for me, so I don’t have much experience flying these things. I also have not tried the FPA mode. That’s another one to try. Overall, it’s a satisfactory experience, but yeah, the flight deck texturing etc is a little… rough around the edges and everything looks a little plastic. But not as bad as Virtualcol. This does feel a lot more faithful of an Embraer representation than what Virtualcol has managed to provide.

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For me the climb and descent phases work fine, I follow the online manual - so FLCH for climb (V/S mode is a big no no IRL, as it can easily lead to stall) and FPA for descent. I only found that it’s best to start a descent in V/S mode initially and then switch to FPA. A couple of times when I started my descent with FPA it went straight to -6 degrees and before I had a chance to correct that with the FPA rotary knob the aircraft dived like a fighter jet. I guess passengers didn’t appreciate that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

What FPA setting do you use for descent?

3 degrees, but you can stay high longer with 4 degrees descent.


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Thank you. Eventually when there is a TOD point implemented in the flight plan, I assume it is for a 3 degree slope…

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I don’t think this is a true statement. You’d use V/S for climbs in many business jets, for example. The reason is passenger comfort, you don’t want excessive climb rates. It’s used in airliners as well from time to time.

It’s true you can get into trouble if you don’t monitor it, but that’s why you have a pilot (or two) sitting there…

Yes, right before levelling. Not for climbing though. Search in the PMDG 737 threads where some RL pilots discuss this, if you’re interested.

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Honestly the interior visuals aren’t that bad, it’s a gray/blue bland plasticly looking cockpit IRL after all.
Not enough Ambient Occlusion in the world is gonna work miracles for such “sea of gray/blue” visuals in MSFS.

Still 10x better looking than the other product’s interior.

Hi all! Today FlightSim Studio releases the latest early access version 0.9.17!

You can check the announcement here:
E-Jets Update 0.9.17 – Wavo (flightsim-studio.com)

For other information regarding Development Roadmap and Release Notes you can find it here:


Excellent thank you and welcome back.

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It’s even more of a beauty to fly after this latest update. Performance has improved a ton for me and the autopilot is much more stable. I love it!


During a short flight in 0.9.17 tonight, about 20 mins in the heading and airspeed selection dials on the MCP stopped registering on the PFD. The dials were turning, and seemed to be affecting the commanded heading and airspeed, but the readouts on the PFD were not updating - essentially making these dials impossible to use. I hadn’t seen this bug before, but I also haven’t flown the 175 all that much. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I wish FSS had an actual discussion forum on Discord; it seems all they have is an announcements section and a screenshots section.

We do actually, you may go to the #welcome channel and select your product. Then you can discuss your issue with other members in the #general-talk channel. Other method you can use is to go to #support channel under General tab and post an issue ticket.


For newcomers to the 170/175, I would highly recommend Capt Nabs tutorial series. Even after first watching several other more well-known YouTubers’ tutorials, I still learned quite a few things from this real life 175 pilot, and he even has a checklist available for download that he follows during all of the videos.


Random buzzing sound heard in cockpit when flying. Anyone know what it is or how to disable it? Can happen during climb, cruise or even descent.