[ANNOUNCEMENT] FlightSimGames (FSG) Pilatus Porter PC-6 (payware)

Yes. By Default you will have only Pilot and 50% Fuel.


Please do a toggle like just flight

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Andy, we have a different concept regarding Passengers / Cargo animation and Weight&Balance function. We have made simple “toggle” function but we don’t like it.


WIP 01.08.21
3D Instrument Light Test :grinning: :+1:




Very nice, are we pretty close :eyes:

Really looking forward to this one, nice to see the attention you’ve already put into making sure ILS/RNAV work.


Thank you PharaohEo! As an old virtual pilots we want to enjoy every second flying our dream plane! Personally I like to make early morning flights with a Scattered Clouds and Sun! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

P.S. Hopefully ETA DEC 2021.


Been waiting for someone to make the Porter, really looking forward to this, BUT, please don’t rush this project, for me personally and a lot of other simmers, attention to detail, eye candy, and functionality is key for a successful 3rd party addon, I remember the Porter from Just Flight in flight simulator 2004 and it was an absolutely amazing aircraft and just a joy to fly, the detail, the rough weathered textures, it was just perfect.

Will this be available in the sim market place once its complete?

with that said, great work so far!


Thank you A51PieFly! We also like details! :grinning: :+1:
P.S. We have a lot of reasons to put PC-6 to the MSFS Marketplace at the last marketing phase.


Thats good to hear, really hope you guys pull this one off well so that its THE go to pc porter in MSFS 2020, good luck, great work so far, and please don’t let us down, and thank you for taking on this project.


WIP 01.08.21
Instrument Lights Test :smiley: :+1:


WIP 03.08.21
Clock, Stopwatch, DC Standby AI Test :grinning: :+1:


Top job there Alex keep up the good work it is coming along beautiful :laughing: :+1: :+1:


Great to see this project moving along so well. Can I ask if you are aware of what VR cockpit focus is? and if so will you be implementing it? Many 3rd party developers are not aware and simply don’t implement it. All ASOBO planes have this and it makes or breaks a plane for most of us VR pilots who need this, to be able to see and read our instruments correctly.

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Hi Cliffyboy1962! We will make PC version first. Then we will buy the best Xbox and start to make Xbox version. Only after that we will buy the best VR set and start to make VR version. This is simple: we need appropriate hardware to make perfect software. :grinning: :+1:


That flow sounds good to me, PC first!

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Thanks for your’e prompt reply. I guess I am a little surprised to hear you describe VR compatibilty as a different version of the plane. Up till now it has been clear that all 3rd party planes work in PC VR by default. The only issue that I have observed is that seemingly randomly, some devs incorporate VR cockpit focus and some don’t.

As I understand it, it’s not in any way, a complicated coding exercise, to make it work, just one of those things that is provided in the SDK but has been overlooked by developers who simply didn’t know that it was there and due to the lack of complaints from customers, didn’t need to worry.

I apologise if I am oversimplifying the issue but I don’t think you need to own a VR headset in order to incorporate the necessary code to make it work. Of course I appreciate that you couldn’t be sure unless you had one to test it on.

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We must learn how to interact with the cockpit “switches” when using VR set. This interaction aspect is not clear for us yet.

P.S. According to the Navigraph FlightSim Community
Survey 2020
VR market around 12% and it is not really in priority for 3PD.


VR is still niche, and even more nichier(?) for flight simulation, being a much smaller market overall.

Here are some data from the Steam surveys. A mere 2.07% of users who engaged with the survey have any kind of VR headset.

Folks may want it, and I can’t blame them, but if you were looking where to spend your development time, VR isn’t it.

I added a poll about this, as I was curious.

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OK, I get it. We are very much in the minority of FS2020 users, so I guess I will have to be grateful when a Dev takes VR into consideration at all.

With respect to implementation of VR cockpit focus, Carenado do, on some planes and not others (unexplained)

Just flight didn’t and then after some moaning they did (maybe wishful thinking) but … some of us pleaded on here and then later releases began incorporating it.

If it takes a lot of development time, then I have to accept it’s probably not financially viable but if it’s easy, then, an extra 12% sales would make sense.


Would VR compatibility be a deciding factor on whether you make a purchase or not? If so, devs. seriously need to take that in to consideration.

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