[ANNOUNCEMENT] FlightSimGames (FSG) Pilatus Porter PC-6 (payware)

The Milviz release requires you disable your spoiler mapping. This version does not.

I know it’s not out. It’s only a promise yet…
And I didn’t read anywhere it will be without DRMs.

OK, so it will definitively be without me !

Thank you for the feedback! We really appreciate any information regarding PC-6. We don’t have MV PC-6 yet, but what the problem with G1000NXI compatibility and why you should disable spoiler axis?

P.S. Spoiler axis!!! :grinning:
Ok! For those who interesting. We don’t use spoilers or any other tricks to simulate PC-6 “beta”. FSG developed High Fidelity Flight Model and custom PT6A-34 Turboprop to recreate unique PC-6 flight dynamics at the all Flight phases inside the modern MSFS flight simulation platform. We are making the same airplane but what we already know they are completely different products.


This really is a huge letdown. I thought Milvis were supposed to be some of the better devs? To me this product has more red flags to buying as anything many other new, one team devs have been called out for.

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btw, no idea what your plans are for the cockpit, but please make a clean version as well.
Personally I cannot stand the ‘used and scratched’ look of some cockpits.

matter of taste, I guess.


Hi darshonaut!
We use Armorpaint 3D PBR texturing which is fully compatible with modern lights, reflection and shadows implemented in MSFS graphics. We will not use an old FSX texturing techniques adding extra shadow for corners. If use an old FSX textures a 3D objects look unnaturally dark or “cartoonish” inside MSFS environment. We are experimenting and developing new texturing techniques fro MSFS.


I meant more, some people make their arcraft and the cockpit looks 50 years old and has scratches everywhere like the plane was never taken good care of.

I like my cockpits looking brand new :+1:


Our PC-6 will be from 2019 and not from 1959! :grinning: :+1:


I will definitely wait for your publicization. Not only because I was able to follow the developement of your baby here.
Milviz cam out a bit of nowhere with the Porter. What I do not like - G1000 in general for this bird and the kind of use. No WT and NXi - until stable relase? Standard six when? GTN750? Amphibious with working rudder? Way too many questions. I can resist to the special price …
And as Flightsim UA already mentioned - disable spoiler axis. My first thoughts too: trick for BETA mode.
Of course - it is business and Milviz is the first.
But as it is right now, I’m thinking - do your thing …

Best regards


Thank you ThaiGer52!
Any new aircraft for MSFS is a bright event! And we are really happy to see PC-6 for MSFS. We will learn a lot from this release!


I thought I’d probably go for the Milviz version as I have it in P3D and it’s a wonderfully modelled and simulated addon there. But what they have started now is an absolute turn off, I can only hope that you will release a ready product. It doesn’t have to be “finished”, further improvements are always recommended and appreciated but at least be ready for release. Then you have all my support. It surely looks beautiful already and you clearly are proud of what you’ve done until now.


Thank you Ephedrin87!
We want to make community life more simple and enjoyable in terms of a product selection. Now we tell what our PC-6 variant WILL NOT HAVE:

  • we will not make any additional User Interface like “tablets”.
  • we will not make an old and rusted retro airplane.

Hope this information will be helpful! :grinning: :+1:



appreciated. It would be a pity if it wasn’t airworthy after all the teasing :stuck_out_tongue:

And as common chit-chat: A tablet is actually a good thing and almost every pilot has one. Showing charts, weather, general flight information. But my iPad has never been able to change the tires or open the door. Technical hurdles there :smiley:


Yes! I am always use REAL tablet during the simulation flights for navigation!!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

P.S. Just want to add as we already mentioned at this topic, we don’t want to make a “maintenance simulator” with a moving-removing-opening 3D objects around airplane. Our version fully designed to conduct IFR in IMC using an old and modern piloting techniques. We want to FLY!!! :grinning: :small_airplane:


The installer for the Milviz one doesn’t even work for me so their PC-6 is completely unusable, I am eagerly awaiting the FSG PC-6 and each and every screenshot and video posted here goes above and beyond the last one, this one is going to be a joy to fly!

Thank you ehenden408!
I have seen your post about installation problem. From my experience usually antivirus remove some files during installation process. It is not a good suggestion to turnoff antivirus but sometimes it helps.

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Thanks for the tip! I just tried that, it hasn’t worked yet but it’s worth another try, sadly no luck yet after over an hour of trying and 2 restarts of my PC.

Ok. Try to RE-DOWNLOAD your copy. Usually it helps too!!!

Looking forwards to this. Always wanted to “fly” the PC-6. And already familiar with the PT-6 (TBM, Vertigo etc.). :+1:

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