[ANNOUNCEMENT] FlightSimGames (FSG) Pilatus Porter PC-6 (payware)

I’m always for failures that are the result of mismanagement of the aircraft. Doing things wrong should have the real world consequences whenever possible. An Easy mode for those who don’t like that should be provided.

Realistic random failures based on wear and tear are also always welcome. The other day I was cruising along in the piston Duke and suddenly engine number 2 quit on me. The low fuel pressure annunciation came on and after a quick check of the fuel gauges I could confirm that the starboard tank was empty. I switched the fuel selector for the right engine to the left tank and the engine came back to life. Inspection on the ground at my destination revealed a fuel leak.

An interesting troubleshooting moment that just as well could have happend in the real world that makes simulated flying more involved, because it keeps you on your toes. Of course that should be optional as well.


Pilatus porter do not have the inertial separator!


Interesting, I didn’t know that. Thanks.


One of the reasons why I love the A2A Comanche so much. I had an engine failure shortly after takeoff, and it was because I had allowed the engine oil to drop too low, and also hadn’t changed in weeks so it was beginning to look like Bovril! While testing out what was wrong I had other engine issues, and it was only apparent at certain temperatures, during climb, but I was able to take off with it.

Having your plane keep you on your toes like that is a great learning tool.


I have to agree with the above comments that wear and tear with penalties for thoughtless/unwise piloting offers not only immeasurably more immersion but also provides a useful tool for understanding more about the aircraft and its limits for a lot of ‘us’ non real life pilots who are keen to learn more about an aircraft which we are invested in. Honestly, I don’t think this should be underestimated.

A good flight model is very important as you as a developer well knows but, if you want me to be really honest, introducing a good wear and tear model will give you a massive edge (or so I think) on the competing other 2 products.

I could be wrong of course and this is just my own opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

As always, my thoughts are with you. Please keep safe :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Considering there are already two PC-6 in this sim, the reason to buy this third one is going to be almost entirely related to whether it offers a better experience and more features. In terms of features, things like functional ash trays and cup holders are not really a huge selling point, realistic failures you can turn off when you need to (while flying on vatsim for example) are a big potential selling point.


Realistic turbine simulation also, as well as working Beta without using hidden spoilers.

I haven’t looked too closely at how the Turbine Duke does this, so don’t know whether it’s SDK default or something custom.

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Good day EdamllamaB!
FSG team consists of engineers from various fields. There are certain engineering rules that we follow. As for in-flight failures, we consider only options that result from pilot incorrect actions during the flight, and not from negligent actions of the mechanic on the ground. We want to make a flight simulator, not an aircraft ground maintenance simulator. This means that before departure the plane is prepared for flight, so during the flight only incorrect actions of the pilot can lead to a failures of some airplane systems or an accident. Therefore, the code we write has a different focus.


Good day Hobanagerik! We don’t use any old tricks to make Beta descent.
Our PC-6 designed to make Beta descent according to the official procedure and you will have the correct speeds: :+1: :grinning:


A great clip describing Beta, and how to use it.


This is exactly how Beta in-flight looking with our HFFM together with custom PT-6 code and Beta custom sound. :+1:


Good day to ALL! New livery with dynamic registration number! :grinning: :v: :v: :v:


Good day :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice livery :+1:

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Final release will have nine liveries for the wheeled PC-6 version. Now we are working on liveries for the float version. :+1: :grinning: