[ANNOUNCEMENT] Heatblur and IndiaFoxtEcho announce F-14A and B for MSFS 2020

Looks like a big update is finally incoming:


HB web page still showing 1.0.8.


It sounds like IFE just got done. Heatblur themselves are heads-down and crunching on their F-4E Phantom for DCS right now; I’m sure they’ll update their Store front as soon as they can.

It’s live on HB page.

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Live on OrbX too.

So, this is more of a “how do I PC?” question, but when updates come out for third party aircraft like this, you just download the zip, extract the folder, and bomb away what was in the Community folder before in favor of this one? Are there any folders in the file structure that should be kept?

When you have an update, just find the current folder in your Community (or in your case in the location that Addons Linker is looking for it) and DELETE the folder first. If you hold Shift when you right-click and select delete it will give the option of permanently deleting it rather than putting it in the “bin” first, so you could do that to save having to empty the bin later.

Then copy the new folder into where that one was. The same container folder I mean. Addons Linker will still see it (assuming the folder name was exactly the same). Never just drag and “overwrite” because this can leave traces of old files that can cause problems. That goes for any mod (scenery, liveries and so on).

Actually when you first load an aircraft it DOES create another folder for itself in your C drive (Users/Roaming) but that mainly contains the state file that tracks your hours etc so you should not go looking for or deleting that except for in special circumstances like a bigger install or wanting to totally remove an item. It makes another folder somewhere in else too I think (Packages/Aircraft from memory) but again don’t worry about that. The main thing is always the one in Community.

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Your bit about the auxiliary folder that’s created on C: answers my question. I thought I was being too laissez-faire about just trashing that whole folder cause SURELY there’s something in there I’ll need for this new iteration too, state-saving stuff or whatever. Sorry to derail the thread, I’ll learn this plane someday and chat more with y’all, looks dope :slight_smile: Baracus, you’re a gentleman and I hope you find surprise money in every forgotten pocket.

Many (possibly even most ‘premium’) third party aircraft either come as an installer which you just run, or are installed via a download manager. No need to go anywhere near the actual files. The latter can be a bit annoying if you’re got aircraft from many different sources, but is the most straight forward.

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