[ANNOUNCEMENT] Heatblur and IndiaFoxtEcho announce F-14A and B for MSFS 2020

Does anyone know how realistic the RIO seat and it´s radar elements will be modeled?
Is Jester implemented?
I love sitting on the back seat watching raw radar data on the upper screen trying to find out what is hiding in the notch filter what is hiding by moving slower than 100 knots compared to the ground beneath… :smiley:

Because isn´t it great when having a plane one can fly… but it is even better having a plane that also offers learing the most awesome retro eighties technology like that radar controls on the back seat.

The quality of the interior graphics is way ahead of the other F14 in msfs! Can’t wait to see this in the sim looks amazing.

100% on that! I can only dream.

Thanks IndiaFoxtEcho, tastes great, great job

Update with a teaser video!

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I wonder if MSFS24 will allow for weapons? It seems unlikely, but there is more emphasis on ‘things to do’. Perhaps they’ll surprise us!

I would think that it would be similar to the way it is today in that weapons will not be permitted as a feature for any modules sold through the marketplace, but the third party developers will be free to include these features in products sold through other outlets. This will limit the functionality across developers of course so I wouldn’t expect to get an RWR warning in the DC Designs F-15 if you get locked up by the Heatblur/IFE F-14 but I would think it reasonable to expect some sort of limited weapons function at some point. Perhaps a more realistic expectation would be for the inclusion of such activities as in flight refueling and carrier landings.


I don’t know why MSFS24 couldn’t have combat, why the idea is unpopular for some people… it’s perfectly possible to have both. Non-military aircraft could be unaffected by incoming missiles. They could also have the option of completely ‘disappearing’ all (armed) aircraft… so it would never be a problem.
Imagine DCS level military aircraft with full weapons but with the next-gen flight physics and the amazing ‘digital twin’ of MSFS24.

Because it’s rated as kiddie friendly. PEGI E or whatever.

I don’t know what the commercial ramifications of losing it are, but it must be what they intend to stick with.

Of course most kids are vastly more bloodthirsty than adults.


The no armaments policy has nothing to do with PEGI ratings. It all because of product licensing agreement with several large aircraft producers such as BOEING. They wouldn’t allow their aircraft on the sim if they could be seen to be shot at or shot down. Youve all seen the DCS vids on YT claiming to be RL war vids. It could cause huge unrest amongst their passengers and share holders, so the agreement was NO WEAPONS that will not be changed as there are more sim airline &GA pilots than military. Makes financial sense for MS to keep the majority happy as your money is their business model


But there seems so many ways round this. Why not have a seperate ‘digital twin’ for military aircraft only? Or passenger and military aircraft together but invisible to each other etc… Or even, no air to air weapons… air to ground only. This would be a step in the right direction and make for some interesting activities/careers for MSFS24. It doesn’t have to be one or the other… it could be both. Win win… much better financial sense as far more people will buy into it.

yes you may well be right, but that still wouldn’t cover the legal costs of a breach of contract with the airline manufacturers.
and then 2024 wouldn’t have any major passenger tubes, then less folk would buy it and MS would stop producing and supporting and it would die off faster than a fly in McD’s

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That doesn’t really make sense.
There are both a Boeing and weapons in P3D, and I don’t think Boeing ever complained about it.
The PEGI rating is the only reason why MS doesn’t want weapons in their market place.
And that’s also why we DO get weapons out of the marketplace, without MS (or Boeing) complaining about it.

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I vaguely recall a dev asking Microsoft about it a while back and they said it was nothing to do with conforming to ratings. PEGI doesn’t even have any ratings about the depiction of non-functional weapons anyway, they just concern themselves with depictions of violence as in things shooting or cutting up things.

Also Lockheed Martin own Prepar3D and I doubt they have any license agreements with Boeing about anything, regardless of what third party planes might be developed for it. Plus there’s a ton more developers out there than just Boeing that Microsoft have agreements with for Flight Simulator as they get full licensed agreements for all the planes published by Microsoft directly.

I think some higher up at Microsoft just decided upon a no weapons policy and that’s that.

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I, like a lot of people, grew up making model airplanes that had guns, cannons, bombs and missiles.
For me, in flight simulator, I would like to see these modelled purely for the visuals, and by extension learning the ins and outs of taking off and landing with these loads.
If I wanted to take part in combat I could try Ace Combat.

As for the aircraft manufacturers licensing, I would have thought the realistic modelling of aircraft failures would be more horrific to younger pilots…

Just saw this!!

(4) HB/IFE F-14 Tomcat for Flight Simulator - ON MIGHTY WINGS - Trailer #1 - YouTube


I like how in the comments the DCS guy asked “which map is this, the flyby with the dam?”

Someone replied: “er… this is MSFS, it’s THE map. Planet Earth”.


I know there is still no rekease date but is there any idea of the Marketplace price? Even an estimate?
Personally im wondering what advantages it will have over the other 2 f14s also available.
Will xbox ctd as it does with other IFE hugh detail aircraft?
Will it xbox have any other working systems such as air 2 air radar that shows alt/spd/hdg of other players?
So far its all glossy shots and videos but no meat in the details

I would expect this to be miles ahead of every other tomcat in MSFS in terms of flight model and systems. I did not purchase the other tomcats as, well, the VDI looked wrong. The HSI looked wrong. The HUD looked wrong, the afterburner petals on the F110 equipped tomcats looked wrong, and the made up switches.

I have the heatblur tomcat in DCS and it misbehaves if you don’t follow the published NATOPs numbers around the boat.

You also get real F-14 pilots on an F-14 RIO’s channels playing around with it saying it feels pretty close to what they remember.

This is an instant buy for me once it is available.

I also see the Forrestal in the video - any idea if HB is bringing it into MSFS?

I wouldn’t count on it matching the DCS flight model or systems because they’ll likely be dependent on what’s possible in MSFS. Still trust HB to do as good a job as possible though.

In terms of modelling, textures and materials it’s clear from the videos that it’s a massive improvement over previous offerings.