[ANNOUNCEMENT] Heatblur and IndiaFoxtEcho announce F-14A and B for MSFS 2020

I wouldn’t count on it matching the DCS flight model or systems because they’ll likely be dependent on what’s possible in MSFS. Still trust HB to do as good a job as possible though.

In terms of modelling, textures and materials it’s clear from the videos that it’s a massive improvement over previous offerings.

We can only guess based on the one they did for DCS which was outstanding (imo).

With that in mind I am hoping for a similar level of systems depth to the DCS one (not sure we will get it though) and a similar flight model (the one in DCS was very believable).

If it is just a step up from the existing lowish fidelity F14s (not meaning to be unkind here) in FS20 then I will give it a miss and stick to the F14 in DCS.

Let’s hope it is something like A2A or FSReborn quality. If so then I will buy.

The flight model can only be as accurate as the sim allows. DCS doesn’t have the same atmospherics as FS so it wont be the same, DCD is as close as any FS model can get using real world flight model data, so the HB can only fly as well as the DCD version. It cant have active weps as they not allowed and from what ive heard via “the jungle drums” its radar will only see AI traffic, DCD already has working radar since release. So appart from a slightly different POV it wont be much different if different at all.
Im not saying it will be a bad product, far from it but is there any point in spending extra money on the same old same old? IFEs stuff is visually stunning no doubt but so far their “fighters” have fallen short of being able to fight. For example the 346 Master fighter varient departs flight at over 15 deg AoA. The f35 falls out of the sky at 400kts and 8+ G regardless of AoA. So excusr me if im veru sceptical of spending what is expected to be a higher price for something that has no proven track record in MSFS.

I also subscribe to Ward Carols channel. Ive seen the vids. Incuding the vids where the real world pilot sats oh no that’s not quite how it works and oh that wasnt suposed to do that and oh ive lost CV to fast. So its not spot on at all. Its only opinion. And of course everyone is welcome to theirs but its no reason to trash talk other devs highly successful products just coz you didnt buy it.

Edit: prickly response from me that was unnecessary. Deleting.

No, not if it’s only a bit better than the F14s we have now. For me there has to be something approaching the DCS level of systems depth (lack of weapons doesn’t bother me) and a good flight model.

Regarding your comments on the flight model though I think that Raul (FSReborn FSR 500) has proved (at least to me) that you can get a pretty good and believable flight model with the Asobo SDK.

I guess we will see :slightly_smiling_face:

I assumed that Heatblur are supplying the visuals and IFE are making it work in sim. And maybe IFE are using some of the voice recordings and stuff.

I’m not expecting staggering fidelity but it will no doubt look extremely faithful to the real thing. The DCS one is pure texture perfection.

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Can you provide a link to that video? Not doubting those comments were made - would just like to see them in context to get a sense of the praise:criticism ratio, so to speak.

Also - agree with you in principle that it’s best to avoid trashing other developers but aren’t you sort of doing that to IFE?

Maybe better to give everybody the benefit of the doubt.

Any project bringing Heatblur assets into MSFS is worth supporting in my view, regardless of limitations. It’s already been said they plan to work on other projects together, which I hope means the Phantom.


I said it before and I say it again:
it’s time for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 4


And if that leads to Wings Over Flanders Fields 2024… count me in!


Thanks for the HU.

So … round about £33 and potentially coming as early as 7 December (maybe).

Hopefully, there will be a bit more info/streams so we can determine if it is significantly better than the current one already available.