[ANNOUNCEMENT] JRF-6 Goose | Big Radials

Ah I see. So that’s weird as I’m assured this plane was developed “to the letter” of the SDK documentation! Hope it can be sorted!! My favourite plane. It wasn’t always this way though, was it? I mean I’m sure I’ve taken off from water before!!

Now is when I realize I almost always start cold and dark from an airport…

Yeah, I can confirm the issue. Starting on a water runway the left engine quits after a short while, because the crossfeed switch and the tank selector are not in te center/both positions. I am able to restart the engine with the normal procedure but the Goose burns through the whole fuel supply (50% by default) in less than 5 minutes. Made for a nice emergency landing in a bay just now. :wink:

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Thank you, i’m going to check the crossfeed switch selector.

Hey dudes and dudettes! While I fly my favorite plane since the release date I have yet to experience any engine troubles. To this day I thought that I’m too awesome and just fly perfect all the time. But yesterday a friend was over and he tried flying. He was pushing the engines to the max from the start so I naturally expected the smoke and fire that is supposed to be implemented. He flew just for 5 minutes but nothing happened ಠ_ಠ.
I have all the realism enabled all the time. What am I missing? Is it just that engine needs more than 5 minutes to catch on fire? All the temperatures were way too high.

Yes, I think it’s 5 mins of torturing those lovely engines that kills them. The most shocking part is that you only let your friend play for 5 mins… And with no guidance🤣

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He flew bird dog most of the time. I made him fly my favorite plane at the end and he was loosing interest - hence only 5 minutes of flying. It was “supervised” as I always wanted to see the smoke but never had the heart to do it myself. So I just told him that engine will fail but encouraged him to push on >:)
Yeah, 5 minutes should do some damage… Don’t know why it didn’t. I fly by the book all the time (with the exception of prop RPM going slightly over the green area sometimes). I guess I must go and try to destroy the engine again. For science!

It takes ‘over’ 5 mins. He would have left just as it was about to happen

Is anyone else having an issue with the Rudder Axis on this plane? I was trying to fly a leg of the included bush trip, and noticed that I was not able to get the plane to turn while taxiing on the water. I went to the external view, and noticed that the rudder would just move erratically when twisting the rudder axis on my joystick. If I went full deflection on the stick, the rudder would move, then just snap back to the center. Holding a partial deflection, and it would just erratically move around. I loaded into a different plane, and the problem wasn’t there. I did a search of my control settings (I’m just using a single profile for everything) and it doesn’t look like I have any other controls bound to the Rudder Axis other than the twist axis on my stick. I also loaded the Goose onto a random runway and the same issue persisted, so it doesn’t seem to be tied to just the bush trip.

Have you checked that you don’t have the parking break on. That’s what happens when you do I seem to remember.

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