Announcement (Official) CJSIMULATIONS CJS R-FAL

I’ll be honest with you:

  • The last possible day of publication in 2023 would be December 21.

  • That means that the last day I have to upload it is December 7 (sufficient time margin for Microsoft to validate it in two weeks and meet the agreed date).

  • I have already uploaded a trial version to MP for testing on Xbox and so far I have not detected any errors on my part (although I must say that I test without any other mod installed other than the official ones, while other testers They have problems but due to some 3rd party mod causing conflict with our avionics, something that I personally don’t worry about since my avionics does not overwrite base files like other well-known mods do).

  • You know that I am waiting for the sounds from simaccoustics to complete what will be v.1.0. This should allow time to assemble and test it before day 7.

  • If there is any delay in the sounds, I could upload it with the typhoon pack (which doesn’t seem ideal to me but at least you would enjoy the plane before 2024, call it pre 1.0 or early access, and I would announce it for those who want to delay their purchase until it is released with the sounds). However, we are not talking about 4 months of delay as happened with the typhoon while using the sounds of the F-18. Which seems acceptable to me.

Anyway, be that as it may, the 21st would be the deadline, and in the best of cases before.

Meanwhile, I am daily reviewing the plane, making improvements or correcting things (minimal things so to speak) to leave it as polished as possible for launch and subsequent maintenance.

I have grown very fond of this development and that is why I want to be cautious with it, and I want it to be as good as possible. Rushing is not good, it is a fine line between success or failure, as well as a drastic decrease in your interest. An example of this is that from how its development was in June to how it is today, it is as if light years have passed, if I start to compare internal versions.

Anyway, I beg your patience, there is very little time left (Well, its development began in January and no one knew about it until 6 months later). And I also thank you for the interest you are showing. I will do everything possible to ensure that the plane lives up to your expectations.