[ANNOUNCEMENT] P-40B Tomahawk | Big Radials

Vintage itch that needs scratching?

Do you have a vintage itch that needs scratching?

Are you sick of all the G[insert number] systems?

Do you just wanna #FlyTheDamnPlane?

Yea so do we and we’re very proud to announce that the development of a new, fully native aircraft for MSFS has started. No port over shenanigans here.

The LEGENDARY P-40B Tomahawk!

Airplane will feature everything you would expect from an aircraft developed specifically for MSFS:

  • UHD exterior and interior model
  • FULL PBR 4K textures inside and out
  • Highly accurate flight model
  • A soundscape powered by the new WWise system in MSFS
  • Interactive Checklists

Who? Big Radials

What? P-40B Tomahawk

Where? Exclusive for MSFS

When? 2021. Very soon!

We’re also announcing a name change. That’s right Wookiee’s Hanger will now be known by a new name: BIG RADIALS.

Are you ready to #FlyTheDamnPlane?



Our new website is live!

That means that the Tomahawk isn’t far away!


Here is the first preview of our Tomahawk:


Hey guys, gals and non-binary folks alike!

We’re launching tomorrow night at 2100 AEST OMG OMG OMG. We would greatly appreciate any and all points in our direction you might care to give to your respective friends, aquantices, doggos, relos (relatives) and associated persons.

P-40B Tomahawk for MSFS

Launching 22/04/2021 2100 AEST (GMT +10)