[ANNOUNCEMENT] Stemme S12-G | Got Friends

Got Friends Announcement!
Got Friends is now in an official partnership with Stemme and will be bringing you a study level S12-G in 2022! Thank you for all the support! 3D Modeling has started with official models sent over from our friends at StemmeUSA!

If you aren’t already aware, we have already released a glider for MSFS. If you would like to see a sample of our gliding development, please consider downloading the Discus-2c, available for free at Flightsim.to:

Thank you for supporting Got Friends!

Stay tuned for more updates posted in this forum thread!


Ooh-this will be so much fun!


I couldn’t tell from the video – are there two models, one powered and unpowered, or does the prop somehow fold up/retract into the nose?

Folds and retracts from the nose. :slight_smile:


Exiting news

Looking forward to this & seeing how you do the prop system. :grinning:

That’s so awesome, can’t wait to add this to my hangar!

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OH how cool! My stepdad asked if there is a Stemme in the Sim as i showed him the discus who he find really good! Funny :slight_smile: cant wait!

I have been really enjoying the Discus, so this one will be a ‘must have’. :sunglasses:

Such a great choice! The Stemme S12 is an incredible aircraft for MSFS and I can’t wait to fly it.

I know you specify the S12G, but would there be any chance of the regular S12 with the Dynon avionics and autopilot as well. I’m definitely not trying to be picky because I’m happy you all are doing the Stemme in general, but I love the look of the Dynon cockpit :grin:

The Stemme s12 will be an enrichment for the flight simulator, as it combines perfect powered flight and gliding. I have the Stemme s12 with the gliding simulator Condor 2 and it is a lot of fun to cruise with it.