[Announcement] Vessels: Enhanced AI | Seafront Simulations

In the coming days we will be releasing our first global products, the ‘sister’ addons Vessels: Enhanced AI and Vessels: Global Shipping (see our other announcement in this forum).

Vessels: Enhanced AI

We have replaced the default models with high quality, night-lit, PBR, yachts, motorboats, fishing, cruise and cargo ships. They also include wakes with the new Sim Update!

See below for a sneak peek but check out our site https://seafrontsims.com for more details.


This and the Global Shipping add-on both look great!

Though now I’m wondering how much my Anguilla, St Martin, and St Barts is going to be doing for me, since I assume this will also place vessels around there. :slight_smile: Still, love your stuff, and looking forward to populating the seas even more!


Very interested in Vessels: Enhanced AI and Vessels: Global Shipping. Looks very promising.


We have released our Trailer for these packages here:

Enjoy! :sunglasses: :partying_face:


Looks good, could be a first day purchase :smiley:
If it is not too expensive, of course :smiley:


Awesome! Looks like a day one must-have for me!

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I noticed an issue … I just don’t know if that’s an Asobo issue or a Vessels: Enhanced AI / Global Shipping problem: sometimes there are boat and ships that disappear when you look away for a moment.

Example. Here is larger boat in the distance. After I looked over my shoulder with TrackIR for a couple of seconds and looked forward again, the boat was gone. That’s unfortunate and I hope that can be fixed somehow.

EDIT: it seems to happen consistently. Here’s a video of it happening only moments later with a different boat:


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Thanks for reporting this Jigsaw. Which area were you in? We’ll speak with MS/Asobo and investigate.

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Flying down the sound south of Squamish, BC (CYSE) heading for Vancouver.

Thanks we’ll try to find out what’s happening.

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This happens for me around Catalina and the waters between KLAX.

Any screenshots of what the Waitamata Harbour, Auckland looks like with this addon?

On the bing map satellite photo in the world map inside MSFS, you can see the water teaming with boats, but there are minimal boats on the water when you fly there.

I’d also be interested to know if the InterIsland ferry route between New Zealand’s north and South Island have been included? TIA

This looks great, is it coming to the xbox edition as well?

Not much going on in the bay itself but there are some stationary ships on the shipping lane north of Rangitoto Island:

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I wish I could say the same…

I have both sliders at 100 percent and there simply is no populating of the oceans! I just took off out of Homer, Alaska…and NOT ONE ship cargo, spawned and was seen, Very disappointed, and I have now just reinstalled Hendrick’s Ships AI Global v2. In that…all oceans and coastlines are populated with many different models. I wanted the wakes…and deleted Hendrick’s having drunk the cool-aid that ‘we flooded the oceans with 50,000 routes. Really? Where? Please let the dev’s tell me what I need to do other than install their both programs with Orbix Direct into the Community Folder. I just tried installing to my Library and not the Community Folder direct, just to hope to see some ships from this software. Again, I have BOTH sliders at a full 100 percent and the sim set to Global Ultra. What more should be done? I am in NO WAY seeing the ships that the advertising YouTube shows to be active. All around KORS, I saw only three ships upon the ocean. With the freeware, there were many in the channel…so what does, ‘flooded’ the oceans’ actually mean? Very frustrated at the moment, as you can see… I paid for ships…let me see them…!

Finally, much too expensive IMHO

he comprado los dos productos , Enhanced AI y Vessels: Global Shipping y ahora tengo barcos en las puertas de los aeropuertos

I’m glad I’ve learned to be very hesitant about putting my cash down for new addons. Let’ see what the developer/s have to say.

Where can I find that?

Enhanced AI and Vessels: Global Shipping, this is my experience with these products purchased from ORBX Central