Annoying Flight Assistant

Since SimUpdate V we have the new Flight Assistant. In many ways, it is cool. But for Airliner flying it is so annoying! Every time I start the APU, it always calls the Pushback truck. I know I can turn it off in the Toolbar. But when I forget it, it always calls it. I don’t know how to turn this off ones and for all. If anyone knows, please tell me…
All in all I am annoyed.

Have a nice day👋🏻

I’m not at the pooter right now, but it’s somewhere in Options\Assistance Options. Have a look under Piloting.

If it’s not there, it won’t be far away.

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I add ATC assist to my pre-flight checklist, and before parking checklist. So when you start the flight, Flight Assist is always the first thing I go to, make sure everything is off. Then I start the battery and APU, etc.

Same with at the end, right before I make my final turn to the gate, I open the ATC assist again, and turn it off.

Once you get used to making this a habit, you should be fine.

P.S, it’s not because of SU5. ATC assist has always been like that since launch. And it’s always behaved that way. That’s why I made the above steps as a habit this past year.

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