Annoying live weather

Every time I’ve finished a flight I have to shut down the sim to desktop, if I don’t the live weather stops working(meaning cloudless sky with no wind), does this happen to you too? Or jus t me


Many of us have this issue. Here’s a workaround for it. It’s not perfect but better than restarting after each flight.

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Tried it still didn’t work, guess I have to restart the sim every time I start a flight. But thanks for the info

Be careful of the initial step to set the initial state of the weather. You need to choose CUSTOM WEATHER, and set it to clear. You can’t just select the clear weather preset from the top right corner of the screen. That doesn’t work. Once you set that initial to clear, every new flight you enter will be clear weather. Then you use the weather preset in sim to change to Live Weather.

Obviously this doesn’t work if you’re using Live Players since it locks everyone to the same weather and time of day (supposedly). But you can do it if you select All Players for your multiplayer mode.

Many people who it “didn’t work” for just didn’t set the initial weather right.

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