Annoying Pauses

Am I the only one getting notchy pauses (or long stutters) in the last couple of days ?

Have cleared my Community folder, but they still persist. I do not use the VFR map.

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Yes. More so after SU6.

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I’m getting them. I set max frame rate as 30 FPS in sim and it averages around 34 FPS according to Ndivia - but the 99% FPS now stays around 11-15 FPS and I seem to get one quick stutter per second. Makes no difference if I change graphics settings or run on or offline.

The same for me!
Everything was fine and smooth like silk before SU6, and nothing has changed in my system. Of course empty community folder.
I don’t understand, it is not sutters but 2/3 second pauses, never happen before.
Maybe it is related with the “crash” of MS servers?
My two cents

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