Another Update?

I just started MSFS and see another mandatory update for
The thing is I have this ver already installed. I am in a quandary, as I have heard horror stories of option changes and disappearing logbooks etc. from unintended updates.

The fact is the sim is unusable unless I take the chance to accept the download or find some way to thwart the update.

Any advice is appreciated.

same here!

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You can leave the beta and return to current version anytime.
Beta testing has some intrinsic risks…


Did you accept? if so how did it go? I am afraid to accept.

Just installed the small update, no issues :slight_smile:

I know. but hours of re-install scares me. I had to do it once already for an earlier version of beta 13.

Think I am going to accept and hope for the best. I backed up my official folder this time.

Nothing has changed, only Reno Sales in the marketplace… Reno’s swan song :smiley:

yes, silky smooth.

Thanks, updating now.

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The same thing happened to me.
I think their update system is broken. I had an update for the game launcher via Steam on Sep/11/2023, but no in-game update. The game version still changed to version, yet I had no game update.
Today I started the game (Sep/13/2023) and I had an in-game update. The version remained


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Considering its size, it must be the update of the AIRAC cycle that came out these days for the September/October Cycle… so I don’t think it’s a big deal.


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I doubt that, as the release notes on the update I received today was the same as the Beta Release on Sep/11/2023. Nothing about AIRAC at all.

An announcement will be made soon on this.


There still seems to be some confusion for some users regarding how the sim is updated and what effect any of these updates has on the version number.

  • The version number is tied to the executable for the sim. That is the application that is run. These require downloading via Windows/Xbox OS-based means – Steam, MS Store, Xbox app, Xbox OS. These will change the version number.
  • Sim content – airplanes, airports, scenery and other data are updated via the in-sim Update Manager and changes to these do not reflect in a version change for the executable.

It would be good, however, if comprehensive release notes were posted for changes to in-sim content, regardless.


Hi all! Here we are:

Cheers and happy flying.


There should be different versions numbers when updating the executable via Steam and then later, receiving another update for the game itself.
It would help Devs track down bugs, like when were these bugs introduced.

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I agree that there needs to be some way for us to track the changes. If not an executable’s version number, then a version number of the in-sim content itself.

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No problem on my MSFS/Store version

Below are the files that have been modified with the latest update


Hmmm not sure if its just me,but after the update when i first launched the sim it walked me through as if i was setting up the game for the first time? All my accesibility settings were reset to default ,and i think my display/graphics settings have been set to an in game default preset (high end).

log book seems still intact and content manager fine. seems strange

edit: controller profiles unchanged too

Ummm live time is not working well on Xbox