Another Newbie Question or two

New to MSFS, but have been flight simming since Sublogic. Two questions to start with:

  1. Why does “World Update : USA” load every time I start MSFS?
  2. I have a VKBSim Gladiator. I have mapped quite a few of the button functions and saved the profile but the only thing that works properly is the X and Y axis. Obviously, I’m missing something.
  1. That is just the loading splash screen which changes with each update.
  2. Not sure about that control but I find loading into a plane then jump back and forth to configure buttons so you can verify that they are doing what you intend

Because that is the featured update for MSFS. When a new World/Sim update releases, that is what will show. So-in August/September, when new updates will release, the screen will change.

Welcome to MSFS!

Ok, the reason could be this.
FSX and older Flight Sims, and some older games only see 32 physical buttons. MSFS, x-plane 11 and 12 and other new games see 128 or more buttons. It could be that problem. I do not know how old the JS you are mentioning is. Additionally, even if the JS shows up in the game, does it need to be calibrated before using proprietary software published by VKB? Virpil has software which you have to use to setup device, so it works in MSFS, and in fact all the games of choice. The Virpil software stores the physical parameters of the device on the actual device, and that is what MSFS, et-al see and reads so they know what it actually is.

FWIW- I have setup my TM-3 Throttle as a “left” device since it’s located on my left, and I have setup my VFX JS to be “right” since it’s on my right. MSFS sees those physical labels, and so it knows what I am using. You also have to set up a profile inside the game, so setup the most complicated one first, it’s way easier to delete a feature than add one. I setup mine with a C-17-4 Engine Jet profile and bind the physical throttle 1 to both engines 1 & 2, so it operates those when moving one physical lever, same for physical lever 2 bound to engines 3 & 4. I posted someplace on this forum (not this thread) the complete "MSFS Control Settings menu, with the default and my choice on how that particular feature is set. I list every single thing in all three segments of the settings.

It does not load, it’s just an introduction to the World Update that MSFS gives you to “entertain” yourself while he takes his decades to load :joy: