Another podcast interview with Seb and Jorg

Inflight 25: Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Head, Jorg Neumann & Asobo CEO Sebastian Wloch


World Update:

  • They have contract with photo sat & aerial provider, they are in touch for almost all Government for data, since they have. Existent 5-10 meter resolution photo sat\ Aerial upgraded lower to up 25CM resolution from newer update on some specific area, with Free World Update, this is on going process.

  • They updated the SDK now, no need to hack ridiculously like p3d\fsx on aircraft, this was not user friendly at all and crazy what was require to do, this will be easy from SDK.

  • Forum are read daily, for priority, read all discussion on aircraft stall ( they explained what is happening on different feedback), after release they worked on fix and lot of optimization. VR is almost finished.

Thee is more information, but it’s 1 hour.


Surprised more people are not discussing this. It’s very interesting.

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Yes it is surprising this isn’t getting more of a response. I listened to it all and thought it was pretty good.

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Re-inforces my view that they are committed to serious on-going improvement and that we might be in for something very special. Cheers.


thanks for posting this, sounds interesting, will watch it tonight!
Yes, its strange that people start to assume things and are moaning but usually not even interested in background information that will give them a better understanding of the whole thing…