Another question about approaches: PAEN (Kenai) - PANC (Anchorage) RWY14


I don’t feel very secure about how to approach from Kenai to Anchorage when, as the ATIS is announcing in this moment, with winds 12011, with the active runway 15. Checking the approaches I see we have ILS and RNAV(gps) of this rwy, sharing the closest IAF to our route, IVANN.

But after check the STARS I don’t see any one finishing in this fix. The closest option is


This one ends in TED @ 3000ft and, I think that, from TED, ATC would give us clearance to IVANN, isn’t it?

Well, my doubts come after check this flight from Kenai in flightaware:
Screenshot from 2022-01-22 22-03-27

It seems the flight follows V456 and then change the route, maybe after receive ATC vectors, to final RWY 14 (without reach IVANN).

I would like to know your opinions about this approach and how to proceed. Obviously, it depends on the weather, but lets suppose we have a 1 mile visibility (higher than minimums required by the approaches I’ve posted) and the active rwy is 15. Coming from Kenai, would you use the STAR to TED and then to IVANN o would you prefer the shorter path using Victor route towards whatever vectors ATC will decide to give us?

Thank you for your time.

According to the AMOTT chart, at AMOTT gives radar vectors to the final. A possible flight plan might look like: PAEN DCT ENA DCT AMOTT DCT IVANN PANC/IVANN.I15

Because of the short distance using an Arrival would not work too well due to the minimum altitudes. Due to the weather and terrain in Alaska, consulting local pilots is recommended. The locals know where to fly and what to avoid. Personally, I only fly VFR in Alaska… too much Cumulus Granite!

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Thank you for helping me to clarify this approach.

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