"Another transaction is still pending"

I am trying to download and purchase the landing challenges addon but I get the error message, “Another transaction is still pending”. Tried all the suggestions from Zendesk except creating a new Windows 10 profile. Any ideas? Thanks, James.

Did you contact Zendesk? They can assist.

I’m the exact same, I got a bunch of suggestions (none that worked) then got told to make a new profile. That’s my next thing, but will I not lose all the other items I have bought on the market place?

Are you sure the suggestion of creating a new profile was for a new profile on Windows and not a new gamertag?

Creating a new gamertag would indeed lose past purchases.

If I were you, clarify what they mean directly to Zendesk.

Yea, you were right, I was just not thinking! Has made no difference though, still can’t purchase anything through the market place

i have same problem ,this need to fixed

Just got this reply yesterday so looks like it is being looked at:

“We just want to confirm that this issue has been tracked in our internal bug tracker. Since this issue will need to be addressed in a patch, we are going to close this report”