Answer to topics similar to mine

I have posted a topic and it is very similar to others that are displayed on screen to the right of mine.
I tried to read it directly there, but I can’t. What is the search field for the topic mentioned to read it?
Kind regards: Delfin

ON a PC browser, you should be able to click the thread in the blue field and be taken there directly. Not sure if that works on a mobile device.

Hi @SpottedAxis7643,
You can send me a private message on what you are trying to post and where - and I’ll assist you.

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Hola Hestter@400MT ,
Es la primera vez que debo enviar este mensaje privado. ¿Puedes indicarme por favor, como se hace?.
Gracias: Delfin

Closing topic as I have sent the OP a private message.

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