[ANSWERED] Price Increase?

No worries mate, we’re all in this together! :wink:

I’m not sure what world you live in that it looks like gibberish to you… it took me two seconds to copy/paste it into Google and figure out what they were saying. We live in a global society and it is pure ignorance in this day and age to try to exclude someone from a conversation because of their language.

Again, there is a code of conduct that I didn’t create but Microsoft did saying English is the only language allowed in the forum, take it up with them not me if you have an issue with it.

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So is it just me that sees that globe icon button under non-english posts?

Did I say I was enforcing it or merely pointing it out? If you want a forum that people can say or do what they wish then open your own forums. The rules here made by Microsoft are for English speaking what’s so hard to understand? I didn’t say I agree to it or as well I’m not enforcing anything. If you would rather wait for the moderator to tell you what you should already know by following the code of conduct then fine as well.

Okay… This argument ends here.

Per the Code of Conduct, English is the official language on the forums. Other languages are only permitted in multiplayer.

:small_blue_diamond: Language
This forum is only able to support the English language at this time. However, if you are in the Multiplayer section looking for groups or friends to fly with, this is the one exception where other languages are acceptable. Just note we cannot process any official requests or flags that are in another language other than English.

However, this is a really silly thing to have an argument over. While there were posts above that aren’t in English, this isn’t a major problem and it could have been resolved without people arguing and derailing this topic.

The best thing you can do if you spot a post with that violates the Code of Conduct is to send a report to the moderators. If you are Trust Level 2 or above you can do this by clicking the :white_flag: button. If you have not reached TL2 then you can send a private message to @moderators.

@hawkmoth151 The globe should be there for everyone, but it will only show up if Discourse can detect the language being used.

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hey, what about the Savage Cub and the Shock Ultra? My two favorite aircraft. Stick and rudder.

OP’s original question answered and thread going off topic.
I am closing this thread. However if the OP wants the thread re-opened then please send a PM to @moderators including the reasons for the request.

Onwards and upwards!