[ANSWERED] So are we lock out

do have to buy the game can not get in ??

Hi, the beta has been disabled now. So, yes, you will need to buy the game to access the Flight Simulator.

ooohh what a B.S

Well no worry, there is the 1 dollaroo version for 4 weeks.


Really… You think it’s BS that microsoft won’t let you play for free?! Even after this long test period that we were able to use FOR FREE?

That’s just sad man…


Hey folks. Just a reminder about the Code of Conduct. Keep the conversations focused on the product and not on each other. Thanks.


Sorry ofcourse. Just thought his comment was a bit unrespectfull. Thanks for keeping an eye out during alpha and beta testing on this forum though. And in the future ofcourse! Things could/can get a bit out of hand sometimes😅 so well deserved thank you!


We are not locked out; from what I’ve seen so far with all the problems and unfixed bugs we are now in the paid public beta.

will buy it thats not a problem i own p3dv4 and xplane 11 before i had FSX but that was JUNK a least for me lots of Out of Memory issues

Makes no sense for us to be testing a beta when the retail is already out. Like mentioned by the team, testers might get future opportunities to test updates prior to release.

yes we are lock out

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As per the Development Update post August 13:

Access to Closed Beta will be ending on 08.17 (10AM PST).

OPs question fully answered.
A reminder to all Testers that the NDA still applies. This is now a public forum so ensure all posts comply with that NDA. The NDA does not, of course, apply to the release version. Happy Flying.