Anti ailasing on 1080p

I’ve noticed that some of the autogen buildings are very shimmery/jaggy as if AA isn’t working for them. I remember this back in FS9 days but it tended to be the airports that had the issue. It was caused by lack of bit mapping applied to textures which is why the shimmering was bad at distance but improves as you get closer… I just wonder if poor AA on autogen buildings is just a symptom of 1080p monitors or something that we can expect to get fixed? Are people with higher res monitors also experiencing this?


iv noticed this also even with render scaling at 200%


I agree with you. There is something going on with 1080p. However, did you try setting AA in the nvidia control panel or the equivalent amd panel? See if it helps having both (ingame and nvidia control panel AA)

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Yes I have but I never know whether to set it to enhance or override in Nvidia control panel?

With the previous drivers was bugged. Now, it should override properly I think…

Ok thanks. I’d override the best setting?

TAA is reactive, that’s why i could see the antialiasing actually happening, jagged first then smooth. When i changed from GTX 960 to 1660ti those reaction times seem to be faster. Now i run FXAA from the nvidia control panel and TAA on top of it.

any idea if ‘overide application’ or ‘enhance application’ is the best setting in Nvidia control panel?

You mean mip-mapping?

Antialiasing works on the 2d scene, and is not related to mesh or resolution. I think that with all the far-distance detail you have in this game, you’re bound to get shimmering. At least without render scaling.

Don’t be fooled here
the simulator after japan patch has changed everything graphically.
Now it does not have Antialiasing. Neither distance from objects.


i played everyday with AA,TAA, scaling 180 and ultra settings , y the game looks the same as FSX

look Madrid


@OlafP88 how much does asobo pay you? you don’t see the big change after the patch?

I think you don’t want to see it


A JPEG-image is not gonna cut it, because compression is going to conceal the anti-aliasing (or lack thereof).

I don’t think you know much about anti-aliasing, because if you did, you wouldn’t have posted a JPEG-image. JPEG blurs the image, and so you wouldn’t be able to see if anti-aliasing was off or on.

@OlafP88 I’m sorry but you have a serious problem, in not knowing how to differentiate that the game is totally different after the patch.


Lol … FSX does totally not look like FS2020 in any way …

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Your point was that anti-aliasing does not work. Your picture doesn’t show that.

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oh my god you see softened in my photo? I don’t see it, before the patch it looked much softer

Yeah, I see lots of softened - which is likely caused by jpeg-compression.

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Here u have Photos in JPG i see the antialiasing ON ,


See no difference? omg u have a problem man

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I already told you that anti-aliasing is not going to be visible on a JPEG image. Post an uncompressed image, and the we can talk.