Any 3rd Party Freeware/Paid Alternative to the Defunct Built-In A.I. Co-Pilot..?

I’m asking because I bought MSFS 2020 (Premium Deluxe Edition) primarily to have the A.I. Co-Pilot fly me around the world while I sit back and enjoy the travel and the sights. For a while after release, although never entirely reliable, the A.I. Co-Pilot sorta worked (about 80% of the time) - which is to say he/she could take a flight plan and execute it (take off, flight, landing) more often than not without mishap.

In my studied experience (remember, I basically only ever use the A.I. Co-Pilot in MSFS 2020, as opposed to doing any actual flying myself) since the Japan world update the A.I. Co-Pilot has been pretty much useless - it can no longer land anywhere without completely messing it up - assuming it can find the destination runway at all (usually not).

Has anyone released anything (payware or freeware) to fill this gap? I see a wealth of flight planners, all kinds of tools and utilities, but I don’t see what I really want: something to reliably fully-automate my experience with MSFS 2020, to replace the broken A.I. Co-Pilot in MSFS 2020 (which Asobo show no inclination to fix any time soon, if ever).

At this point, I’m willing to pay top dollar for someone to programme an addon/plugin for me.

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