Any 3rd Party making Heathrow?

Hi, I’m just wondering if any 3rd party developer will make a London Heathrow for FS2020? I currently have the Premium deluxe one, and It’s ok but I would prefer a better one since that is where I fly the most. Here is a list that I think could be Improved currently at Heathrow:

.Flatter Runways (Runways at Heathrow currently too sloped)
.Better Ground textures (Currently basic yellow lines and a few extras)
.Double Jetways (For if it gets introduced in the SDK in the future)
.Basic Interiors if possible
.Gate signs (No gate signs currently)

These are to name some things that could be improved with a 3rd party scenery


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I would also love to see this, the premium deluxe version is ok but tanks fps. I reckon a developer could really bring this airport to life.


Same here, waiting better version of not just Heathrow but Frankfurt, Amsterdam, CDG and others as well. Ones that come with the sim dont have details and eat up the fps in a major fashion.


Got to say I bought the Premium Deluxe just to get all these extra “Handcrafted” airports and am so disappointed as they are so lacking! The buildings are OK but for me, the lack of ground markings is the main thing. If you are looking for a specific gate for example - you really have to just guess! Would be so good for VATSIM if they just put the gate markings on the taxiways at all these airports!


Yea this is seriously needed… Maybe Aerosoft will be able to make LHR from the ground up… who knows!

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Most 3rd party devs have no news or declared plans on biggest airports in Europe that come packaged with premium deluxe have zero news on them. These are

  1. Heathrow
  2. CDG
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Frankfurt

Maybe these airports are gonna get improved in world update 4 as orbx are going to improve 100 airports. If not, really hoping 3rd parties do these airports.

It is a sad truth that I would buy Heathrow, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt, without hesitation, if a 3rd party dev came out with a good version of them… :frowning:

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being native in the premium version, it would be surprising for a modder to tackle it.

A little thing have been done for the night : EGLL Heathrow Premium Edition - Night Lighting Improvement » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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My own experience and others can differ - native handcrafted airports stand nowhere in terms of functionality, details and most of all performance compared to the add ons by proven 3rd party developers.