Any advantage in going from a 2080ti to a 3090 now for VR

my son and I can’t get this update to download so I am asking whether anyone else has found that the 24G and more cores in the 3090 are actually utilised now for a better VR performance?

We are so over trying to get this to go beyond downloading please give us a reason not to give up!

Anyone have an opinion?

Yes big increase in performance about 33%.
I just went to a 3090 last week, from a 2080Ti

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do you think it was the 3090 or SU5?

Be interesting if you could run your 2080ti to see ?

Do you know how much Vram is being used?

Yes for roughly 30% more frames.
And it was the gpu, SU5 brings no fps improvements to VR (but more smoothness). With the 3090 I get very fluid 30-35 fps everywhere. With my 2080ti they where between 20 and 30 fps with an huge impact of what aircraft you use.

The interesting thing for me is that the fps seemed to be somewhat capped/equalized as they are almost the same now somewhere nowhere or in hd photogrammetry areas and also independent of what aircraft I use.

I rate this positive as it free you from thinking to fly what and where.

No for Vram at the moment as Vram usage is massively reduced to make it work on the xbox. I do actually dont go over 12gb anymore with G2 at full resolution so an 3080ti will do almost as well as an 3090 without the option to fry eggs at the backplate.

It is definately an insane investment for 9 or 10 fps more but for me it was worth it because 35fps feel so much better.

Fps noted above are measured with oxr100/rr100/TAA/G2 Tlod 200, Olod120 medium/high settings mix.

By reducing oxr to 80 you can gain another 10% fps at the cost of slightly more softened terrain textures what does not make a big difference now as they are already softened by default to reduce the Vram usage. So you only can choose between soft and a little softer.


I think this pretty much sums it up. Alternatively you can just turn down Render Scale 10-15% to get back those frames and be patient as Asobo said that they want to look at VR after SU5 and hope that will bring some improvements. The 2080TI def also received a boost with the latest update - it will most likely run better with a 3090 (not sure about the 30% since the last update) but the question is at what cost?

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Ok I just ordered a 3090 thanks for your advice and that quote I think is the key point!

Worst case, you can sell it on/return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations. There are probably too many variables at play to make an exact statement regarding added FPS.
Would love to hear how much it has improved for you once you receive it :slight_smile:

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Might be a couple of weeks. The only one I could get was Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 Xtreme Waterforce 24GB GDDR6X.

It has a closed water loop, its not the fastest 3090 but at 1785hz it’s good and quiet.

If it’s any help, I have both 3080 and 3090 and there’s virtually no difference in performance between them with MSFS2020, and barely any difference with other games too. Maybe in the future things might make better use of the 3090?

There is a big jump in performance between 2070s and 3080 which I also have.


Be shure to get the waterforce from an trusted seller. I had one and return it immediately because it doesnt fit my quality expectations. The radiatior was a collection of dents and the front was scratched on the window. Sorry gigabyte, I really have wished to like this card.

I am now with an evga xc3 ultra hybrid. Have it running between 1875mhz and 1930mhz stable depending to the room temps.

It is also worth to mention that the rtx30xx cards perform very equally. You will see a max difference of maybe 3 fps between stock FE and the maxed out top notch models.

Would recommend 3080ti or 3090 over 3080 for VR. Although Vram usage is actually drastically reduced due to the limitations of some hardware it goes often above the 10GB of the 3080.

A 3080ti with 16GB could have been the golden calf but nvidia alone knows why this was not born. Also 3090 is a little less overpriced.

And if with the help of god the actual implemented quality cuts will be removed again you will welcome some headroom with your Vram.

Very sad that Inno3d did not continue their collaboration with arctic as the 2080ti ichill black was one of the best gpu I ever owned.

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I am getting the 3090 from my local computer store as its worth paying more to avoid those issues you mentioned. Thanks for your sage advice.

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