Any advise on how to get TrackIR working?

I am using TIR5 hardware and have the latest 5.4.2 TIR software installed, have used the Check for Game Updates… option too.

I kinda half expected it to “just work” but nothing - the light which switches on when recognised game is running stays off all the time MFS2020 is running. Am I missing something obvious? Anyone able to help please?


I’m pretty sure they haven’t got track ir or vr support implemented yet but I think they’re adding it soon.

It works great, you have to tick the ‘exclusive’ box for your profile that will force it to be used. When you launch the sim your light should go on and you are good to go.


My TrackIR 5 works out of the box. Be sure to run TrackIR software as administrator and make sure it is on before you open the game.

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@Roufinator - perfect my friend, ticked ‘exclusive’ and all worked great. Thank you!

Weird - it pretty much just worked for me. Didn’t have to tick the exclusive box either…

The software confuses me a little though… the default profile works really well with MSFS, but I want to tweak it very slightly and re-save it. When I go to save as a new profile , it starts with a completely blank set of curves rather than my tweaked default, and I can’t be bothered to painstakingly re-create it.

Just set the profile to be loaded iwith MSFS in the Trackir software games list. Works great for me.

TrackIR is DEFINITELY supported. I use it and it works fine.

Probably worth checking other posts on TrackIR, as the process has been described in detail.

The key things that come to mind are:

  1. Ensure you have the latest drivers from Natural Point S/W
  2. Ensure you get game updates when running the driver, to ensure it is the latest version
  3. Start TrackIR and confirm it is working via the visual cues when you start up the driver software
  4. Start MSFS and go to the Controllers page (while TrackIR is active) and view the available controllers - is TrackIR listed (usually at the end)
  5. If all the above is satisfied, go into the game and try it out.

Hope this helps.

Start TrackIr
Make sure hat clip or Track clip are set correctly
Ensure you get both leds illuminate when you start MSFS

i went to my downloads and reran the trackir setup…checked the repair box and it ran for a very short time…it didnt seem to do anything , but when i started up trackir and went into MSFS all was working

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Hello all, i do not know how to start a new thread. so i google and found this thread.

i cant get my trackIR5 working. just got it.

its not even detecting as its not showing up as a peripheral in the Control options.

Can anyone advise?

i have updated everything needed.