Any Biz Jets in Development?

IRIS Sim announced the PC24 a while back then recently posted a photo of it, someone asked about the Avionics and they mentioned something like “we will talk about that soon” It is very possible they knew about this Apex system hence the silence. This is going to be a great addition! However, im not exactly sure what other aircraft use these avionics besides the Pilatus stuff.

IRIS responded to a comment asking about the apex and they said “Sadly it won’t be fitted with that suite… more info on that will follow down the track” A lot of devs were surprised when the 2024 trailer came out and IRIS is a very small dev team. So theres a very high chance they had no idea about it. I asked them twice about it after WT announced it and they’re responding to other comments but mine XD. I’m hoping they surprise us with it. Falcons and gulfstreams also use Honeywell avionics but theyre quite different to the 12 and 24 setup.

Is that the same Honeywell Primus Epic avionics suite that iniBuilds is supposed to add as a variant to their A300-600?

The avionics in the modified A300s is an early iteration of the EPIC and is similar to the on one the Embraer E-Jets series.

The one WT is making is originally named APEX, I don’t know why Honeywell started calling everything EPIC 2.0 when although based on same technology it looks somewhat different.

Doesn’t the twotter use one of those suites?

The modern Viking twin otter uses the same APEX avionics yes. Wonder if the MSFS2024 twotter would be analog or apex.

Not unusual for aircraft with a long standing heritage to have both in MSFS

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I hope they don’t slap a G1000 in it, and call it good.

Speaking of bizjets, Matt from WT recently made a video (almost 2hrs in length) go show you indepth how detailed the WT Garmin system has been modeled for the default Longitude. I dont think a lot of people understand how automated alot of these bizjets are and write them off as not being “study level” because of these automations! The WT team is so passionate about this stuff and it shows and we are lucky they were working directly with MS/Asobo to improve this sim! Makes me excited for their Honeywell Epic suite!


New update FSReborn on Phenom 300E progress on discord today.

“ * Phenom 300E will not be available prior to MSFS 2024 release since I am still under heavy development, at this stage is not decided if it will be available for MSFS 2020 + MSFS 2024”

Preview WIP video:

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Hello everyone,

I’ve been flying the Phenom 300 in the real world for the past 11 years, accumulating over 2,500 flight hours in this model. I have extensive experience with the Garmin G1000 and G3000 avionics systems, including the Phenom 300E version.

As you know, the Phenom 300 has been the best-selling business jet for 12 consecutive years. I believe my extensive experience and insights can greatly contribute to any Phenom 300 project, helping to create a truly study-level aircraft and ensuring your product’s success, mirroring the real plane’s achievements.

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