Any chance getting better mapdata in the future?

Hello! I’d like to thank Asobo and MS for brining back the FS! It’s a noble effort and i really value it. However, there are of course a lot of room to improve. My main “fear” is the current world on FS2020. I live in northern europe, Finland, i understand that these regions are low priority etc, but combine all low priority regions together, and that is actually quite a big region! Anyway, there are alot of mistakes in the world, especially on elevation data, there are a lot of VERY bumpy roads, odd hills and trees covering the airfield so i can barely see it etc. I understand that the data will get better eventually due to better satellite pics, better AI and so on.

But i really wish there was either a way to report to FS team that this section is way off (concentrating on the areas near airfields at least), or even community to modify mapdata locally? Is it possible? This is a great start and i really hope FS2020 continues to evolve! Thanks!

You can use the Zendesk link at the top of this page to feedback to the Devs. Agree with your sentiments btw

Yes, Asobo has already released some of their post-launch development and that includes world updates which will include Bing map updates. It sounds like they will be focusing on a regional basis. Might be worth logging with ZENdesk (if enough people ask it may be pushed up the priority list when they are looking at these things) :slight_smile:

Hi @Rautis9234. A Wishlist Category was added to the forum to provide a place where users could make specific requests to the development team. Zendesk is to be used to report bugs/issues only, not suggestions or requests for future improvement. Thanks!

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I would have thought specific examples would have warranted a ticket? But good to know about the forum section. Thanks!