Any devs using Windows 11, and if so which version of 3ds Max?

Contemplating updating… Prob not the best idea as still early days for the new OS, but thought I’d ask here all the same.

Also, is it still the case that Max 2019/20 are the best options in terms of full FS tools functionality (regardless of Windows version)?


I’m not really an MSFS Dev myself other than releasing a few community tweaks, but I have done a little bit of 3D modelling to create some game mods in my spare time. But isn’t the general rule of thumb be to always go for the latest version? I guess in the 3ds Max case, would be the 2022 version which is compatible for Windows 11 (at least according to Wikipedia).

Thanks for replying, Neo.

Whilst it’s nice to use the latest versions (hence my post :wink:), the general rule of thumb is not to update ‘early’ as dev tools often require modifying in order to work properly with new releases; plus new software is often less stable/more buggy (though these latter points are usually less of a deal-breaker). According to the SDK, 3ds Max 2019 is the preferred version (or possibly 2020), with the newer releases losing functionality. At least that’s what the SDK says - I was wondering if that info might be a little out of date though.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on it, if not I guess the safest option is to stick with Windows 10 and 3ds Max 2019. I don’t want to upgrade to Windows 11 only to discover that Max 2019 is still the best option for MSFS, but it has issues with the new OS - however if it (or preferably a more recent, fully supported version) is working just fine then I’ll upgrade now.

I guess it depends on the personal philosophy. I’m an early adopter so I always go for latest and greatest. (whenever possible and if I can afford it) That’s the reason why I already use Windows 11 since it was available for the insider beta channel in June. So I can get ahead and learn things on getting used to the new version earlier than everyone else.

I actually like and embrace change. It helps me learn new things and grow to get used to new realities and new situations. I probably don’t go with beta products, but a release preview is usually the way to go for me. I went with Beta for Windows 11 the first time was because it’s the only channel available. But as soon as it hits Release Preview channel, I switched there. So whenever a product is fully released, then I jump straight in and learn how to use the new product. Then as soon as another new product comes along, I’ll jump on board that new one straight away and learn that one too. And so on.

I never be the one who likes to be in a comfort zone or stick to a specific older product when a new one comes along, even though the older product is more stable and more familiar. So when I find bugs or instability in the new product, I report them and assist the dev team with the feedbacks so that the product can be improved and stabilised.

I always say, change is the only thing constant in life after death and taxes. If I don’t embrace the change of a new thing that comes along, I’m already left behind.

Sure, I get where you’re coming from - but from what I understand Microsoft’s tools are simply inferior on newer versions of Max (specifically 2021 and presumably '22 also) and who knows when/if they will be updated to better support the newer versions. The following items are not available in Max 2021+ for example:

  • Plane Validation/Fix End Lines
  • Plane Validation/Layers
  • Plane Validation/LODs Hierarchy
  • Plane Validation/Nodes
  • Plane Validation/Unique Names
  • Plane Validation/Rebuild Nodes (risky)
  • Animation Tools
  • LOD Utilities

There’s also an issue with the Scanline renderer/SDK plugin shaders, meaning that you have to use the Quicksilver hardware renderer.

Thus I’d really like to know if 3ds Max 2019/20 is working fine under Windows 11, or indeed if the SDK is out of date and newer versions of Max are now better supported.


I assume it should be fine under Windows 11. I have some apps that was designed for Windows XP back in 2005 and I’m running them just fine in Windows 11.

One way to find out… Install it and try it out yourself.

Think I’ll hold out a little longer, particularly as I’ve had issues running old versions of Max on newer OSs in the past.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Why not Blender - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software

Have used 3ds Max for many years professionally + current project is also developed with Max.

In addition to that, it appears to be Asobo’s program of choice.

I just started using Windows 11 and so far no problems. Im using Max 2020. Last time I tried Max 2021 it would crash every time I went into the material editor if the scene had a Flight Sim material loaded in it. Have not tried with Windows 11 yet.