Any ideas for a Flight Plan in the US or Europe on an A320neo?

Hi there,

I am looking to do some flying and am looking for a flight plan…does anyone have any ideas?

I am looking for only flights in the U.S. or Europe, on an A320neo, and a max flight time on 1.5 hrs. Flying to/from Handcrafted airports that were included in World Updates, or in the release versions of MSFS would be great!

Any ideas would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

Find two airports 600 miles apart and plan. It’s a big planet. Use your imagination.


If you’re flying that fast and that high, I guess it’s up to you.
I fly low in any GA and have a pretty good time.


Flightaware will give you flight plans normally, this is a quick example:

Then at the departure/arrival airports you’ll want to check out the SIDs and STARs appropriate to your flight. Look for the charts at those airports for appropriate SIDs and STARs for your arrival and departure runways. You’ll sort those when you get the clearance in FS2020.

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In addition to FlightAware, there is also FlightRadar24 (may require sub fee). With FlightAware (as @ForfeitMitten15 listed above) you can see all scheduled flights around the world and associated flight plans for most of them. There are thousands to choose from. Enjoy.


I use FlightRadar24 all of the time…I never thought of using FlightRadar24 to look for a flight…I will try that.

How about KSBP to KSEA? That would fit your 1.5 hour window in an A320.

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Simbrief is free, and will automatically create plans for almost any origin and destination.


Ideas for a320 flights there’s are based off of Spirit and JetBlue

As JetBlue KROC to KJFK
Spirit: KROC TO Denver
As JetBlue Buffalo To Orlando International
As Spirit: Charlotte to Florida Keys

Other random ones I did

There was an a318 route from Shannon Ireland to London City I forget which airline flew it though

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Give my (free) flight planner a try. It has many built-in plans and an easy way to create your own. GTFP.


OK so I looked it up It was British airways doing service to JFK with an a318, they couldn’t fuel it with the required fuel for London City to JFK so they stopped at Shannon to add fuel and had passengers do the customs

Really? They did a 6 hr flight on an a318? Well, you learn something new every day.

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You might want to try Letsfly which is available on

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I play on Xbox so that may not work

I use this


Wasn’t there an achievement based on following a real-life flight plan (this might have been a Steam thing)? I’ve no idea how you’d go about it or how it would be ‘marked’ as being complete.

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Came into this thread to suggest the same thing. That is a fantastic website and a great resource for our community.


There is one called “Job Shadowing” that says, “*Create a flight plan based on a Live Traffic aircraft, then fly the route without assistance.” I did not see any others based on a flight plan but may have missed one.

Edit: There is also one titled “Instrumental” that says, “Accumulate 50 hours of IFR flight time (using an IFR flight plan), including at least one take-off and landing.


Ive been doing this recently, combined with Air Hauler 2 so I get “paid” for it (virtually of course):

I play Football Manager 22, currently managing Central Español Fútbol Club in Uruguay. I’m pretending that my company in Air Hauler 2 has won the contract to fly players to away games this season, so I fly them to all away games using ad-hoc pax flight in Air Hauler 2, then play the actual game on FM lol.

It is great fun because it takes me to places I would never have gone to!

Distance plays a part, I try to match the aircraft type to the distance from the home ground, short something smaller, turbo prop, longer bigger - but they have to be able to carry the team in one flight.

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