Any indication when unclickable menus get fixed in VR?

it was adressed in the Dev Update 2 days ago.
on monday there will be a public BETA with several fixes, one of them being this one.


Thank you, this is all I wanted to know!

Yep I am… its a joke there’s been no fix.


Zero from the number above letter not numpad fix the problem

Some of the users with early access to the beta have confirmed it is fixed, looking forward to getting it on Monday :+1:


Just today I noticed I can no longer interact with the ATC window in VR. I can click on an item, but nothing happens. Is anyone else experiencing this in VR? Any work arounds?

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Yep and still waiting for a real fix from Asobo. Ridiculous that it’s Dec. 4th and no hotfix yet. ■■■!

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For some reason, any update of Asovo was not thoroughly tested before its release to the general public.
The glitch of VR also exists in me and it’s really frustrating.

So glad i found this - i was at a point of re-installing the whole ■■■■ thing!
Anyway, glad to know everyone has these issues with in-flight menus.

I’m ALSO experiencing issue with levers for Throtlle, Prop and mixture. They freeze up, but strangely enough, pitch and roll still work… Anyone experiencing that one?

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Yes that’s happening to me too, my throttle becomes unusable for a while I can’t even click out of VR to 2d mode until it settles down.

I can’t believe they release updates with such fundamental bugs then disappear on holiday. It would of been better postponing the GOTY edition, at least the previous one worked. I can’t see the DX12 update has really helped and is still poorly optimised. Ridiculous really.

I am not signing up for the inssiders beta I will wait for them to release it officially I still don’t think they have announced when this will be.

This sim is fantastic and love the immersion it brings in VR, thanks Asobo & Microsoft for bringing this, I also think they have done pretty well publishing when sim/world updates are going to be released, but they really dropped a b011ock on this one.

Insiders sort of works I can reveal.
I specifically need to check that the throttles don’t get stuck when on the menu. I can reproduce that issue on the non-insiders build.
I thought it was where the AI was trying to control those when you are in cursor mode, so you have to click elsewhere to get control back - which works but I think its a bug.

There’s some rules of thumb that I think all VR implementations should adhere to, I’m relatively new to VR but even I can see that you really need to avoid a disconnect between VR and traditional input methods. You be able to do everything easily with your hands and never rely on keyboard and mouse for interaction. I can’t imagine ever trying to use a mouse in the actual plane!

Just checking, i’m on is that indeed the latest release?
I’m hearing there is a out, but that is NOT downloading for me.
also on NVIDIA 497.09, which is another disaster in combination with

I’m not playing MSFS anymore. Neither Desktop, nor VR is working properly anymore. It doesn’t even give me start button for a simple flight in a dreamliner from KLGA to KPHL… let alone click it!
Really disappointed!!! is the beta build NOT the latest release New testing build ( releasing December 7, 2021 (Update: available now)

You will need to join the Pre-release Testing if you want to try it out.

Gotcha - thanks

Just be thankful that MS/Asobo only builds games/simulators and not real aircraft. :grin:

MSFS max has a ring to it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Updating to beta has sorted the issues with the menu in vr.
However I now have to change throttle axis to engine 1 for single engine third party aircraft when I want to use them and back to standard throttle axis on multiple engine aircraft.

I hope they sort this out.

I have the same issue with using the mouse to select menu items and move dialog boxes. Pressing Ctrl-0 fixes it until is breaks again. I’m also having issues with my flight stick stops working. It’s also impossible for me to taxi, the plane constantly pulls to the right. Update 7 has ruined VR for me.

I have the same problem: menues blocking the view (not movable in VR, nice while in a training flight… can’t see the runway!!!) and clicking an item not possible… thinking about going back to FSX and the ifly-simsoft 737 - if only FSX would run on VR!!!

Ironically this statement hasn’t aged well, but not in any shape or form in a good way.

maybe next year :joy: :rofl: :joy: