Any indication when unclickable menus get fixed in VR?

MSFS max has a ring to it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Updating to beta has sorted the issues with the menu in vr.
However I now have to change throttle axis to engine 1 for single engine third party aircraft when I want to use them and back to standard throttle axis on multiple engine aircraft.

I hope they sort this out.

I have the same issue with using the mouse to select menu items and move dialog boxes. Pressing Ctrl-0 fixes it until is breaks again. I’m also having issues with my flight stick stops working. It’s also impossible for me to taxi, the plane constantly pulls to the right. Update 7 has ruined VR for me.

I have the same problem: menues blocking the view (not movable in VR, nice while in a training flight… can’t see the runway!!!) and clicking an item not possible… thinking about going back to FSX and the ifly-simsoft 737 - if only FSX would run on VR!!!

Ironically this statement hasn’t aged well, but not in any shape or form in a good way.

maybe next year :joy: :rofl: :joy: