Any LGBT players out there?

Hey, add me on and drop your game tags on here for others. ‘CraigyBabyJ’

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Not LGBT but the Navigraph FlightSim Community Survey is coming out soon. It would be great to see more representation from the LGBT community.


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yes here greetings from switzerland. I think, thats okey and Im a member of LGBT Comunity.


Hi everyone.

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On that note @CraigyBabyJ - I am always open to fly with all - feel free to add me: Angernerve (or I’ll send you an invite the next time I’m on if you don’t beat me to it!) I love bush flying or jet flying - doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

Oh, and get over yourselves people.

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This is not about dividing society anymore than saying, “People from Sweden, come fly with me!” To the point that country affiliations are about people simming in their own language, we have people from US regions trying to find friends from their region, while they could easily fly with other Americans, Brits, Kiwis, and Aussies.

This post has nothing to do with what people do in their bedroom. It’s only becoming that because people are making it about that.


Isn’t flight simming, and gaming in general, supposed to bring us all together, no matter our race, nationality or sex? So let’s just all have fun in our virtual worlds where we can forget the real world, if only briefly :slight_smile:

Pizza for all!
Username: simtom2


This topic will remain open for those in the LGBT community who want to fly together. Please only post if you’re looking to join in the group. All other posts will be deleted.



I’m in -I love to fly Lear, Grumman, Boeing and Tupolevs. Lima-golf-bravo-tango over. The Goose rulez!!


Looking for people to fly with FLYARROW40


Yes I’m LGBT from New Zealand, username is: dualznz
I mainly fly in vatsim but I’m open to flights :crazy_face:


Never done multiplayer yet, but would like to try it out. From Germany.


Exactly. Maybe it’d be fun to do group flights to Lanzarote, Sitges by way of… Key West. I’m not really kidding either… Straights allowed of course :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, ready to fly with you :slight_smile:

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BufordTX checking in here. Gamer tag is the same if you see me in the skies.

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would love to join with other players.
my gamertag is gazpodel I am often flying in the sim around 22:00-00:30hrs UTC.
Would be great if we can organise a group flight and maybe perhaps do something during pride month?

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Hi =)
LGBT from Israel.
I mainly fly the C152/172 from LLIB. I’m working on my PPL now so waiting on the PA-28


Greetings from EDDM! Mainly on A320 fbw, but also enjoy VFR on small planes.

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