Any mad bush flying / storm chasing / visual navigation explorer folk?

The Savage cub is my jam atm, and other planes with analogue instruments. I love trying to navigate just using maps and no GPS, exploring crazy places in crazy weather, and attempting stupid landings.

Would be great to do these things in MP and with voice chat, give me a shout if that sounds fun.


Hey, I’m flying right now. Real life pilot. Work for an airline now, but flew bush planes for 7 years and about 3000 hours. I like flying the X-cub around alberta canada at the moment. Ringedcrane02 on xbox. Name is Pat.


Great, I’ve added you to my list. :slight_smile:

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You speak my language! Will add you and see what happens!

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Hey, I think I saw you in multiplayer up in Alaska landing on the sand bar next to the KED airport. Was that you?

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I just did some bush flying in Alaska in multiplayer in the X Cub.

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Yes! That was me! I was also doing circuits in the citation for a while lol. Add me!

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Haha…I was wondering who was landing at KED in the Citation. You did a good job of landing that Citation on a short narrow runway.

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hello Brand new to the game and the world of flight sims. I am currently in South Korea but headed to the states in November. Trying to learn and explore storms and sites as well add me, i will fly to the end

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Had some incredible multiplayer flights last night, was a huge amount of fun exploring the jungles and landing in astonishing volcanoes. Here’s a selection of shots -

I’ll be on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Discord, look for the multiplayer-discussion channel. It’s a good place for people to jump into the flight voice channels there.

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…here I am where can I sign in?

Cubdriver2020 - Alex … an ya…CubDrivin’

You can add me, if you’re willing to fly slow & low and … ‘bushy’ :grin:

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Ok, I’m a noob to the Xbox ecosystem here. How do we do voice chat? There is a discord server apparently? How do I get an invite link for that? I usually use Steam for voice chat. If anyone wants to add me on steam I’m NGDryver.

Same here,…
but afaik there’s no system for a voice chat. I still use teamspeak servers to communicate when I do some sim gliding, dunno If that’s suitable for you guys

I already sent ya an invitation on FS … have a look on that bell in the top right corner, pat.


Yeah the Microsoft Flight Simulator Discord is where you want to be. We’re using that for all text and voice chat, to meet up and organise flights. Just jump in one of the Terminal or Flight voice channels if you want to join in, people will let you know where they are at and how to join, typically you just need to make sure you have the sim set to ‘all players’ and one of the servers (e.g. US East). Then you will be able to look at the airport on the world map and see the green dots of the group flying around.

I’m around most nights, I usually post current flight details in the multiplayer-discussion channel or the specific text room for a voice channel. so look out for that. There’s pretty much always a group doing bush flights or similar, don’t be afraid to join a channel and ask some questions :slight_smile:

Here’s some pics from our final flight last night, Grand Caravans in Papua New Guinea - One of the best places to go bush flying, hundreds of really challenging and astonishing little airstrips sitting on hilltops or down in the valleys, often there’s no going around, you have to commit! :stuck_out_tongue: And the updrafts/downdrafts in that area were just unbelievable, amazing scenes.

Multiplayer in this is hugely good fun, landing on mountains together is a fantastic and memorable experience.

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That’s awesome! I’ll join! I wish that they’d done a better job with some of the strips I flew to in the Arctic. I’ve checked them out but they are usually just an empty spot in the terrain :frowning:


I am currently working my way around all locations in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) in the Savage Cub. I have a list of 800 locations, farm strips, airfields, airports, air bases. Not all are in the MSFS airport list, but I am flying in settings HIGH, 4K, with photogrammetry on, these non-MSFS airstrips are landable.

My flying time is usually between 2000UTC and 2200UTC. I will be on the main MSFS Discord server for voice.

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sound great I’m in, i’ve been doing the bush flying and on the whole its been great would have been even better to been able to chat with others flying


I’m currently spending a lot of time in the SAK region flying the X Cub. If you’re doing similar feel free to get in touch :+1:t2:

Sounds like a lot of fun. What timezone are you guys in?

I want to get into bush flying as I find it interesting and it looks amazingly fun!

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