Any New Airliners For Xbox?

Hi there,

Does anyone know if there are any more airliners coming to the Xbox?

I know there’s a A330 out for PC along with others but I’d love for them to head over to the Xbox.

If anyone can give me a heads up, that would be appreciated. Thank you

PMDG and Aerosoft will bring their Airliners for sure. Then you have Boeings and Airbusses. Oh and the CRJ from Aerosoft as well.

There is some community mod A330 on PC, if you mean that. Not sure if it’s any good if compared to payware (never used it). I don’t think that will come to Xbox however for technical reasons.

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■■■■, I was really hoping the 330 would make an appearance. I’m a bigger fan of Airbuses than I am of Boeing.

As long as I can get a nice long range Airbus like the A340-600 or 350-1000, I’d be happy.