Any new bigger Aircrafts like A350/CRJ/B737 planend?

Would be nice to have more airliner planes to fly with …

Why are you requesting more aircraft when the ones that are there already do not work 100%?

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From :

So a total of 77 airplanes are to be expected. I know for a fact that the A380 is one of them. (And the Concorde another)

And the CRJ from Aerosoft


this one is (slowly) coming too

Screenshots. | Fly the Maddog X

My absolute favorite! :slight_smile:

  • The CRJ 900/1000 is coming as an upgrade to the existing CRJ soon (potentially in the next couple weeks)

  • sim4flight is working on a payware A350

  • PMDG is working on a B737 which is slated to release sometime later this year

I like the looks of the Boeing 377 ,but it has already been retired since 1963 :frowning:

Such a pitty the largest flying boat in existence never really had success .It looks somewhat similar to the Boing 377