Any new Xbox textures quality degradation after 19/02/2023 update?

IF the textures WOULD scale properly in regards to altitude/distance to the ground textures, noone would see any problems. But theo DO NOT! They don’t scale properly to viewing distance and therefore destroy the immersion.


Its not that simple, textures are loaded in dynamically using the bing tiles system. Each “texture” is made from a tile of 256x256 pixels. To get higher resolution tiles need to be streamed in. dpending on altitude / distance from camera different Lod levels are used.

This video demonstrates how the LOD / quadkey system works
earth tiling showing quadkey - YouTube


NixonRedgrave thanks for video.
I decided to test it myself and seems like there is no problem with textures quality degradation when it comes to areas with photogrammetry like Los angeles, New York etc. You can fly at 3000, 3500 or 4000 ft and there is zero problems with textures quality.

Problem is only when there is no photogrammetry and this is where you can notice signifiant textures quality degradation.


That is a valuable and interesting observation. And this may be the reason for very blurry textures when I tested the Copenhagen Airport which I think is outside photogrammetry bounds. The textures are very blurry here on XSX.

It would be interesting to compare this area with PC version.


I know that’s pretty off-topic, but you guys here seem to care about crucial visual features. Well, I’m still shocked by the lack of feedback about another big visual glitch that affects Xbox users: terrain textures leaking into water, especially in the US and Australia. It’s been 5 months since this bug was first noticed by a few users, but nothing has changed and not a single word from the devs. That’s unbelievable because that’s simply awful and noticeable. Ok, LOD and texture degradation are important, but… didn’t you ever notice this? Fly around Gold Coast in Australia or San Francisco. Here’s a screenshot from the original post:


That’s bad - and now that you mention it, I do remember seeing that on Xbox Series X when flying over the gold coast. The thing is, I can’t recall seeing or noticing it anywhere else.

As this is a separate bug, it might be worth posting about this in the bug forum if someone hasn’t done it already.


I’m fairly certain I’ve seen reports of this in the forum. I’d expect that issue to affect the PC version, as well.


Already done, but just 30 votes and a feedback logged…

Photogrammetry is always higher quality than satellite imagery. And depending on where you are in the world, satellite imagery can vary in quality. IIRC, World Updates have sometimes included higher resolution satellite imagery for certain regions.

Are there any specific areas you would like folks to look at?

I mean there is no noticable textures degradation when it comes to areas with photogrammetry at 3000, 3500, 4000 ft.

Satelite imagery is different story, 3000 ft + then good satelite imagery turn into blurry mess.

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Ah cool. I see what you mean.

In my testing I did see a downgrade in photogrammetry at 3000 feet but it was more like a scaling of the building geometry to less complex models, so it looked different compared to the scaling of satellite textures. But it did happen at the same altitude and I imagined the photogrammetry scaling serves the same purpose.

Copenhagen Kastrup. Please tell me where to check, and I will try to prove immersion breaking areas on my setup. So far I havent found any.

I can confirm Samuel’s observation: photogrammetry areas look quite good on Xbox Series X. The textures are not degrading much even after climbing to circa 2000-3000 feet.

The ground texture downgrade in the current beta is unfortunately visible in non photogrammetry areas. Here are two pictures I made 15 minutes ago above Copenhagen airport. Notice how the ground textures degrade, looking like over compressed jpeg pictures when gaining altitude. Its occuring everywhere but easier to see on roads and landing strips.

And here are crops from these pictures:



Then, in 7 years time when the whole globe is covered with WU’s and photogrammetry the issue has solved itself😁

Personally, I hope South-America/Africa is going to receive some love.


Okay, so what is this I’m seeing?

Watch the structures right outside the windscreen, there.

(Shhhhhh… don’t tell anyone I’m landing a 787 at KSBP.)

Ehmm… Aliens??? :rofl:

No seriously, what am I supposed to see?

That is definitely pop in, up close to the plane.

We are currently having server issues so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that issue was just a one off and fixes itself.

But it also could be lowered LOD because your Xbox is in the low LOD Mode after a flight, trying to keep the sim working.

I have seen similar things over the last few weeks but I haven’t been able to reproduce every time.

In general, after landing, I would shut down the sim, restart my Xbox, maybe change servers, and see if I could reproduce after a clean reboot.


What is so weird about it is how the buildings are there, then pop out, and then immediately pop back in again. If you watch it again, note the black rectangular building front and center. It’s there, then it disappears as the ground texture updates and then immediately fades back into the scene.

It’s a really weird graphical anomaly.


I believe this is particularly true with the 787. In my opinion this aircraft always struggles a bit more to maintain the performance levels needed for a “smooth” experience, compared to let’s say the A320.


I also suspect this may be why folks have reported low LOD over the greater NYC area. NYC is a notorious resource hog in sim. If anything were to trigger the low LOD setting it would be a lack of resources.

Reboot. Restart. And if necessary, change servers. see if it doesn’t fix the issue.