Any one using Alpha Flight Controls? Any issues with setting the controls?

Issues with settings

Yes, to your first question and no, I haven’t noticed any issues to your second.

Perhaps you could explain what issues you are seeing?

I set a button and then when in flight does not seem to work. Goes back to preset by system… Moving around cockpit takes multiple moves to try to get what control you want. EX: parking break. View of the plane in the air, I have not been able to get full visual like on XP11. I’m learning more as I go , only have had for 2 days.

Since today’s patch, none of my buttons / trim is working, and I can’t seem to set them in MSFS controls…

my patch is uploading, will advise when i try it.

I using button 22 to release brakes. Sometimes it works , sometimes it does not. THrottle button 4 same issue. Button 1 I use to reduce speed, again off and on-it mostly changes my view from cockpit to side of plane. Bottom line pretty messed up.

Oops… dumb user error on my part. My Alpha yoke buttons now look to be working fine after the latest patch.

I’ll get my coat…